SEGA forums administrator says Bayonetta's patch was made by SEGA

According to a SEGA forums administrator,The patch for the PS3 version of Bayonetta was made by SEGA,not by SONY.

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Rikitatsu3207d ago

We all know its was a rumor to glorify Sony and downplay Sega.

Elven63207d ago

Seemed kind of odd that Sony would go out of their way like that for Sega when plenty of other third party games suffer from similar or worse.

Both Microsoft and Sony (possibly Nintendo) offer a basic level of development service which in my opinion is good enough.

Gen0ne3207d ago

I remain skeptical. I'm wondering how the initial rumor even got started. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony sent a couple of in house guys/girls to help them with out the ( apparently still difficult ) coding. Should've delayed the PS3 version. Now they look like shmucks.

Elven63207d ago

Apparently a mistranslation?