Capcom Q3 2009 financials reveal monster sales of Monster Hunter Tri writes: If you're anything like us, you immediately tore into the recently released Capcom Q3 2009 financial report looking for the number of Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher arcade machines the company sold in the last nine months of 2009 (80, in case you were wondering) only to find a wealth of information about the publisher's other games. For instance, worldwide sales (sell-in, not sell-through, mind you) of Bionic Commando crept over 700k, while Monster Hunter Tri moved 1.15 million in Japan alone -- we worry deeply for the monsters of Japan, being hunted relentlessly by all of those people.

At this point in the post, we'd like to point out that these numbers are for the nine months ending December 31, 2009, and thusly don't reflect January's sales. Also, things are about to get really boring.

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Gr813207d ago

What was this about Wii not being able to sell third party games? MH3 has been a great success for capcom.

Looking forward to this games western release.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Monster Hunter it's a huge franchise in Japan, that's why it sold so well. Just like when the X360 beat the PS3 in sales when the gazillion of jrpg's were coming out (Tales of Vesperia, Star Ocean IV, Blue Dragon, Etc).

If a console that it's almost dead in Japan could achieve something like that then imagine how much better the Wii would do with its third party sales when a game like Monster Hunter gets released in the console. Monster Hunter will sell a lot no matter on what console is on, the same with Dragon Quest, Gundam games and jrpg. But now watch how all these games flop in western territories.

SOAD3207d ago

I guess people who said Monster Hunter won't sell on a home console were very wrong, and now it makes sense why Microsoft wants the Monster Hunter franchise.

El_Colombiano3207d ago

I doubt it will help them though.

Hisiru3207d ago

Monster Hunter Tri is pay to play online (in Japan, not in the West), can you imagine 1 million buyers paying to play online?

Capcom must be very happy.

Gr813207d ago

To your entire post:WTH?

What are you trying to prove? What are you trying to say? You want to make "excuses" as to why this game sold well? "but but it only sold because.." can the same not be said of ANY or MOST games on other platforms? Niche games sell niche numbers no matter the platform. This game shows that big franchise games could sell ragardless of platform as well. And proves that BS PR talk of "Wii can't sell third party games" is baloney.

hatchimatchi3207d ago

good lord arius, shut up

you're the one that left out the flame bait and the guy responded, don't get so worked up when you're the one that initiated it.

Gr813207d ago

Don't even start. Your trolling ass should probably be discussing IGN's MAG review.

ThanatosDMC3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

MH3 hitting 1.15M is actually really low compared to it's predecessors which hit 2 million within two weeks in Japan.

(I couldnt find a better website via google.)

Anyway, people will be weirded out at first by MH3 changed attack/combo system but you'll learn to love it better than the old combo system. You'll just be saddened when you "finish" the game and realize how much stuff was taken out.

Mahr3207d ago

"MH3 hitting 1.15M is actually really low compared to it's predecessors which hit 2 million within two weeks in Japan."

So, the series should really just stick to portables. Maybe the next game we can get a DS or iPhone version.

asdr3wsfas3207d ago

MH3 has online fees in japan, they won't be making less money from this and that likely contributed to fewer purchases.

Saying it sold so much more on this system doesn't negate his point that third party wii games sell. Like it would do better there on any other console? Japan is saturated with wiis, has significantly fewer ps3s and basically no xbox owners.

hatchimatchi3207d ago

oh arius, get some new material please.

find me a post where i mention anything about MAG (i couldn't care less about the game). People calling me a troll and making the assumption that i'm a ps3 fanboy is getting old.

Besides you missed the point of my post, don't leave flame bait in your post(s) and then get upset when someone responds to it. You brought it on yourself.

Gr813207d ago

It was an irrelevant charge. There was no "flamebait" as you call it. It was an attempt to expose the ridiculousness of this idea that Wii can't sell third party software. As if it is the platforms fault.

Come on now. Everybody sees through your guise and facade. The sooner you own up to it the sooner people would respect you more and wouldn't be quick to call you what you seem to deny you are..a troll.

The reason I mentioned MAG was because you seem more suitable in the sections labeled PS3 or Xbox. Which there is nothing wrong with that and enjoying those machines. But why frequent a section where all you seem to do is b**** and complain all the time?

hatchimatchi3207d ago

scroll to the bottom and you'll see my posts where I say the game looks good and interesting to me.

i don't post much in the ps3 section cause the news rarely interests me, and i don't post in the 360 section cause i don't own one.

i'm interested in nintendo cause i've been gaming on their consoles since i was 4. Just because my posts aren't all cupcakes and rainbows doesn't mean i hate nintendo.

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subzero-083207d ago

That's a lot of sales. Can't wait for this game to come to North America. I know it won't sell nearly as much here, but it looks like a great game.

3207d ago
hatchimatchi3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

This is no surprise, japanese gamers love monster hunter. I don't think it'll do too well in the states but who knows. It's an online game right? Should be fun, I wonder if the game will be strictly motion based or compatible with the gamecube/classic controller.

asdr3wsfas3207d ago

4 player online with wii speak. It comes bundled with the classic controller pro for 60 dollars so it does use traditional controls.

I'm curious to see how well it sells, I never played the originals but this looks awesome. Regardless I'm buying it and will love the game.

hatchimatchi3207d ago

Sounds cool. I'll have to see how strong the online community is before I make a purchase though.

asdr3wsfas3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

If you get it you should team with us n4g wii fans. 4 of us exploring together - growing and bonding. It'll be like Stand by Me. But with monsters.

"It happens sometimes. Friends come in and out of our lives, like busboys in a restaurant."

(I'm not being a d!ck, my humor is just warped - I also enjoy the critic. It would be pretty fun to team tho)

hatchimatchi3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

"Stand by me but with monsters"

you just sold me on the game. lol.

Seriously though, i'll go buy a wii speak and get the game when it comes out.

this is all you'll hear from me though,

"alright thumbs up guys, lets do this...LEEERRRROOOOOYYY JEEENNNKKIIIINNNSS!!!!"


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