Tho Top 12 Unappreciated PSN Games

These 12 PSN games should be looked into cause they are worth buying.

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ActionBastard3183d ago

9 of the 12 I own. All are definitely purchase worthy.

hay3183d ago

A word of advice. Get Critter Crunch. Demo is nothing comparing to full game. It's really fun puzzler.

Flower is also must have. It's beyond gaming for me.


For me this is the best game on the PSN...believe me its that good and adictive. Its worth your money. As for the others I have some of them but Im missing SHATTER. I was told it was very good but Im still on the fence. If only SONY would release a demo 4 every game on the PSN.


nogolis3183d ago

Gravity Crash is a must own... Pixel Junk Shooter has nothing on Gravity Crash. It is basically an updated version of Solar JetMen, but I can live with that cos that was one of my favorite games growing up as a kid.

Critter Crunch is also good.
Cubiod is good.
Droplitz is good.
Astro Tripper was awesome too.

Just some games I've been jammin' and wanted to pass on to others... Trust me, if you're leary about any of te above because of no demo or poor demos, get them. They're all brilliant games.

Cajun Chicken3183d ago

Cuboid and Echochrome rock.

PSN should have way more puzzle games, I also find myself addicted to Droplitz...

Wheres my PSN version of Devil Dice with online features Sony? Where is it? Actually, I'd prefer Bombastic (with unlockable modes).

Cajun Chicken3183d ago

I own 7 of these. Sorry, but Pixeljunk still hasn't grabbed me.

DeathsAmbition3182d ago

Sorry about the update. There is no Update so don't mind it. Clicked a few things to fast LOL