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The Last Story, Yet Another Final Fantasy? writes, "Just yesterday, Nintendo announced a new game to the world titled The Last Story. An RPG developed by Hironobu Sakaguchi and his studio, Mistwalker. Sakaguchi is mostly known for creating the popular Final Fantasy franchise but has since moved on to create other games, most notably for Microsoft's Xbox 360.

The Last Story is his latest foray into the home console arena since the Lost Odyssey. What's most intriguing is the striking resemblance it bears to Final Fantasy, from the title to its logo and even the music. Will Mistwalker create yet another Final Fantasy or will they go on to create something new and refreshing?"

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mephman3180d ago

That logo is borderline plagiarism.

vhero3180d ago

Yeah seems they have given up on the 360 though now MS is no longer funding them.

Monkey5213180d ago

As much as I respect Sakaguchi... you would think he could come up with a name a little more.... different. The Last Story....Final Fantasy....The Last Story....Final Fantasy...... I think I see a trend.

pcz3180d ago

The author needs to get a day job and stop posting this drivel.

AAACE53180d ago

Seems like you guys came here to say the same thing I cane here to say, but i'll say it anyway so the trip isn't a waste!

Did you notice the similarity between this and Final Fantasy?


The artwork even looks similar to how they present FF games.

The really important part is that we know Sakaguchi left SE because he didn't like the direction the company was going in. Does "The Last Story" point out that this is how Sakaguchi feels the next FF game should have been? Or more importantly, will he steal the hearts of gamers who love FF games?

It may seem insignificant to you, but this game is a trojan horse in my opinion. Jrpg fans might get caught off guard and fall in love with it!

NOTE: I don't own a Wii, so this isn't a fanboy thing. But with one of the main creators of FF making the game, and important employees of SE leaving all the time, leads me to believe there is a paradigm shift occuring. Especially with long time FF fans upset with the quality of recent games.

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Chris3993180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Based on a flash webpage and a song. We haven't even seen any media yet.

And the protagonist is possibly female (judging from the pic); there's hardly any female lead-protagonists in the Final Fantasy series (outside of X-2 and XIII).

I don't see any "similarities".

Pretty sure that this game will be awesome regardless of the naysayers. I have faith in the Guch.

Edit: @ below. I don't seem to have said that the game will 'suck' anywhere in my post, simply that it will be awesome, regardless of what other people think. If anything, the author of an article about how a game that has no revealed media and yet is coining Final Fantasy seems to be implying that something is amiss. And yes, I read the whole thing, looking for further substance, of which there was none.

And Terra (FF VI) and Yuna were not the "lead" protagonists, as I stated.

Obvious reading is obvious.

mephman3180d ago

No, there's no real media aside from the logo - which is in a very similar style to Final Fantasy logos, and the name of the game, which has the same connotations as Final Fantasy.

However, I wasn't aware Final Fantasy was a bad game, and I wasn't aware the article said The Last Story would suck. You might also want to remember Final Fantasy VI as a game with a female protagonist and Final Fantasy X, which had Yuna as the main focus of the logo despite Tidus being the main character.

Not really sure who these "naysayers" are that you speak of.

Montrealien3180d ago

I wonder if like Final Fantasy was supposed to be a swan song for borderline closing Square at the time, this is supposed to be the last game for Mistwalker, unless of course, its a huge hit.

Omega43180d ago

If you just go by the logo and title it does seem very very similar to final fantasy. Since Last is another word for Final and Story is another word for Fantasy. And the logo is blatantly identical to the Final Fantasy ones.

If Hironobu Sakaguchi wasnt the creator of Final Fantasy Square Enix probably would have sued by now.

Chris3993180d ago

With "Last" in the title even:

Last Rebellion: (look at the logo on the boxart)

Shooters have guns. JRPGs have swords and billowing (or spiky hair).

It's similar, but I don't know if I'd call it plagiarism.

Baka-akaB3180d ago

Still come on , it's obvious it's an harmless fun attack and poke at FF .
The title is on purpose ... and sakaguchi has never hidden his ambition to not only get back at SE but outshine them with at least one franchise .

Cold 20003180d ago

I still can't belive this is for the Wii :(
I need me some JRPG's!!

TheBand1t3180d ago

Then get the JRPG king this gen: the DS.

sakura20093180d ago

haha. u only own 1 game console

Cold 20003180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Nah, I don't want to buy a Wii, I don't want a DS either, portable gaming just doesnt do it for me (havent touched my PSP in about 2 years now). I wanted Mistwalker to make another 360 game or at least 360/PS3. Oh well too bad!

And nope I got a 360 and PS3.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3180d ago

I hope this game has towns, unlike a behemoth RPG that will be released in March......

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