EU PSN Content (4th Feb 2010)

As many of you already know Final Fantasy 8 will be out this week. The Gigawatt Blades for inFamous will be appearing as well as topatoi episode 2 (Pillar of the Skies).

Continue for the full list due to hit the Spanish EU PSN Store this Thursday.

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young juice3182d ago

so is the avp demo confirmed, also does anyone know if the bad company demo is all multiplayer, i dont wanna be playin the sh*t out of it online and my friends are lookin at my status. constantly playing a demo like i got nothin else to play.

kassatsu3182d ago

I think the Bad Company demo is single player. The Facebook post also lists the Heavy Rain demo for this week, but Sony has said before that it is coming the 11th. Maybe this one is in Spanish or something.

bjornbear3182d ago

identical to 360's demo, but i could be wrong.

I hope its multi though, i want to get my teeth into that more than single player, i'll gladly wait for that =)

finbars753182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

The Bad Company demo is multiplayer but a new map.I have been playing it on the xbox and they said its the same one.Its sweet thats all I have to say and its in the Antartica with new veichles and weapons and parchuting in.The AVP demo is confirmed for sure as is Heavy Rain.Big week thats all i have to say.cant wait.Especially for the AVP and Heavy rain demo.

hakis863182d ago

I'm gonna try out BBC2 as well, it's gonna be great - but AVP is my most anticipated!! :D
Do I hear *AGREE* ?:)

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harshtruth3182d ago

It's the same as the pc beta and xbox demo

St03182d ago

Wow, Alien vs. Predator, Battlefield Bad Company 2 & Heavy Rain demos! best update i've seen for aaages

3182d ago
4pocalyps33182d ago

final fantasy 8!!! oh and i guess bad company 2 and avp demoes are alright ¬_¬ but final fantasy 8! woo!