GameZone: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review

If you haven't been paying close attention you may have missed it. And really, it's not your fault. No doubt your Wii collection is primarily made up of offshoot "games" like Wii Fit or first-party Nintendo titles such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Fun, sure, but they're definitely lacking a certain sizzle that is so readily found on every other platform. Fortunately, Ubisoft's newest entry, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, is a game for when the girlfriend is gone or the kids are in bed and you need to unleash some wicked swordplay in gratuitous fashion.

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Caspel3181d ago

this title is definitely on the niche side of gaming. Maybe too crazy for some folk

EvilTwin3181d ago

It's like Tarantino's "Kill Bill." People either love it and think it's genius, or despise it.

Personally, I love it, and it's growing on me (not enough to say it's better than the first, but it's getting close the further I get into the game).

Caspel3181d ago

I, personally, thought it was hilarious and hit all the right marks for humor and action.

EvilTwin3181d ago

Both games are laugh out loud funny, IMO.

The third and fourth bosses made me crack up. Great one liners.

"You're gonna fight me with your hoes?"

"You've got to read it out loud, just for lulz!"

jstefanovic3181d ago

I haven't played the first NH, but it sounds cool. I personally don't like the repetitive sword slashing games, like the new Ninja Gaiden. Button mashing doesn't do it for me.

EvilTwin3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

The combat is fairly straightforward, but it's deceptively deep.

You get sword slashes (A button) and punch/kicks (B trigger), but your stance dictates whether they're high or low (depending on how you hold the remote). Add a left/right evade, block, charged attack, selecting the right beam katana for each stage, and the gestures for wrestling throws and beam finishers...and there's a lot more complexity than just button mashing.

IMO, of course.

Caspel3181d ago

I agree; there's a lot more than meets the eye.

athmaus3181d ago

I never got to play the first game, although it looked very interesting. I am goign to try to find this game and try it out. THx for the heads up :)

trig4563181d ago

the Wii can use some more games like this

ktcat3181d ago

Great game! speaks to both the kid and adult in me. Would like to see more games like this on other consols.

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