Nintendo Nixes AO Manhunt

Yesterday when news broke that Manhunt 2 had received a preliminary rating of Adults Only from Take-Two, Kotaku shot a quick email off to Nintendo seeking comment on the issue.

Today they've confirmed that if the game's final rating is Adults Only it won't be showing up on the Wii... or any of Nintendo's systems.


Adults Only Manhunt 2, Homeless?

Just an hour after Nintendo of America reminded Kotaku that they don't allow Adults Only rated games to come to their systems, Sony Computer Entertainment of America has confirmed that the same is true for them.

For questions or comment regarding the rating of Manhunt 2, please contact the publisher, Rockstar. Currently it's SCE's policy not to allow the playback of AO rated content on our systems.

So Rockstar only has three choices now: They can either kill the game, rework it to try for a lower rating or submit an appeal to the ESRB's board and argue that the game doesn't deserve such a high, 18-or-older rating.

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ChickeyCantor4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

Also Sony nixes it if its AO, so change the title.

Ahh, nvm.

M = 17+
AO = 18+
WTF? like a year is going to make a difference?
what drugs did they took before coming up with this b*s*

Short1e554232d ago

Well, I believe that if a game is rated M, than younger players can play that game with adult supervision in mind. If a game is rated AO...well, I think it explains itself :). But like you people, I was really looking forward to this game. I never played Manhunt 1, and with the controls that the wii offers, it would turn out to be a very interactive game.

emptiness4232d ago

indeed, one year doesn't make a fact for some people, being 25 doesn't mean their maturity level is any greater than a 16 years old

Charlie26884232d ago

I guess Ill have to get this game un-edited in some "other way" :P
he he he

seriously ESRB WTF?

Tsalagi4232d ago

This sucks, i actually looked forward to playing this. This was going to be the only other game rated higher than teen that i had ever played on a Nintendo console (Eternal Darkness being the other at rated M). I guess the question now is if Rockstar will delay and edit the game or if they will try to sell it themselves. Assuming that Nintendo or Sony(really surprised Sony said no too) doesn't try to block it from the console somehow.

Kokoro4232d ago

This was the closest Nintendo was gonna get to a R* game. Oh well there's always Bully, which was much Better

ChickeyCantor4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

the part that really bothers me is that Nintendo finally has this parental lock and its like they don't even mention it or forgetthat The wii has this function.

lets be honest... an 18 year old isnt more mentally grown up.
there isnt much difference between an 17 year old and a 18 year old person.

if AO stands for 21+ then i would understand it but 17 and 18 ? COME ON...

Tsalagi4232d ago

That would mean that parents would have to take responsibility for what their kids are playing, and you know that isn't going to happen.

ChickeyCantor4232d ago

....and JT cant figure out what the real problem is........the irony.

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The story is too old to be commented.