How Does Sony Market Heavy Rain?

RespawnAction: " With Heavy Rain coming out in just a few short weeks (can't wait!) and the fact that Sony waits until the last minute to start advertising games, I came to wonder how Heavy Rain will be marketed. The average Joe Gamer who watches football, basketball, or just primetime tv in general will see the Modern Warfare 2 trailer, Uncharted 2, and so on and be intrigued. They like all of the pretty explosions, weaponry and death filling the screen. What will they think when they see Heavy Rain?"

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Godmars2903207d ago

Considering what I've seen so far, doing a take on Seven might be a good idea. Four commercials about the main characters, but as seen from the killer's skewed view.

NateNater3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Super Bowl commercial. Nuff said.

Edit: @ jp_footy2. How about both a GoW3 and HR commerical?

@ respawnaction. I think Sony should make the commercial more like a movie ad because HR is very much like watching a movie but with more interaction. Well, I haven't played it yet, but that what it seems like its going to be. Also, it has to be really creative and not like your average video game commericals. Sony is a creative company, they could think of something neat.

@PoSTedUP. Thats true. It would cost a lot of money but it is one of the best times to advertise a product. Super Bowl commercials are talked about sometimes years after they are shown. I believe I heard somewhere that Sony is now making profit on their Playstation products like PS3. Cost shouldn't be too much of a problem for them I think. I say why not gamble some more with it? Go for the SB commercial spot and see where it takes them. Thats my thought on it.

respawnaction3207d ago

That really doesn't answer what I was saying in the article

PoSTedUP3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

but just think how much that would cost and how much it cost to develope the game, and then consider a good estimate on how many people this game appeals to. even if heavy rain sells 3 million, sony corp. is believed to be in debt. it really wouldnt make sense in my opinion and too much of a risk to take, also that just working so hard on this game is already a "gamble" says sony.