Star Trek Online dev keen on 360, PS3 release

Star Trek Online developer Cryptic would "love" to bring Star Trek Online to console in future, the studio has told CVG.

Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich said that a port of the MMO would 'definitely' be possible - but added that Cryptic wouldn't rush its creation in order to satisfy fans.

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Letros3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I track MMO's a lot, used to play them a lot too, basically this game was announced last year, this company/lead designer has a terrible track record for MMO's as well, Hellgate London, Champions Online, now this. Basically I'm seeing one trend, make an MMO, offer a lifetime subscription fee for $200+ dollars, move on to another MMO in a year, good strategy IMO for making money.

Star Trek on consoles is a bad idea IMO, isn't the demographic a bit too young to even appreciate it? I'm 25 and I was never exposed to it as a child. I know a new movie just came out, but they cannot seriously be banking on that...

Charmers3207d ago

I wasn't impressed with it, I was able to get into the open beta and my god what a dull game. I gave it a good couple of hours but it just felt like a chore to play. The ship combat is basic at best and the planet control sucks. I really cannot see this MMO surviving, I wouldn't play this game for free never mind pay to play it.

mushroomwig3207d ago

Oh my gosh..Star Trek Online for the Playstation 3 would be a dream!