Rumor: Paris airport gets some serious PS2 and PS3 lovin'

All Paris PS3 fans would be wise to book all future flights out of Charles de Gaulle International Airport. According to a translated story off PS3 site Playfrance, on June 27th, 14 PS3 consoles will be connected individually to Sony Bravia 1080p HDTV sets in the "Galerie Parisienne" terminal.

On an even harder to swallow note, "80 PS2 consoles" were deployed in the same airport, in order to allow a new generation of potential gamers to "discover the new plays of PlayStation 2."


Please click the link for the English version. The first link is in French.

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Fisher3394137d ago

Seems like a great way to distract security guards......

Mr_Kuwabara4137d ago

The summary helps though...

Bits-N-Kibbles4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

Does this cost people to play the PS3's or PS2's (if this is to happen)? Or will Sony just pay the airport for something like an advertising fee? I can see this being a big success if this happens. I'm surprised no one has done it yet. I dont know about you, all airports I have been to (and I have been to many because my moom is a travel agent) they have small arcades and they pretty much suck and need to be updates.

With all this new technology, architecture, and advances in airports I don't see why Sony wouldnt try to promote and advertise Playstation in this context.

Here is my translation from my Mac:
From June 27, 14 consoles PlayStation 3 will be installed in the "Parisian Gallery", the new departure lounge of Paris-Charles of Gaulle. The consoles will be distributed in three comfortable spaces and user-friendly, being able to accomodate 28 players simultaneously. Each space of relaxation is equipped with screen High definition Sony Bravia Full HD.

In parallel, as from June 15, 2007, 80 game consoles PlayStation 2 will be deployed in Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles of Gaulle to divert the 10 million young people of less than 25 years which attend each year the Parisian airports. On the whole, 34 spaces of plays will be distributed in the 10 terminals will thus make it possible to the passengers to discover the new plays PlayStation 2.

For Pascal Bourgue, directing Marketing, Trade and Communication of Airports of Paris, "new Playstation spaces answer double-makes an attempt: they propose a new free offer of entertainment combined with comfortable spaces ofentertainment combined with comfortable spaces of relaxation. We wish to multiply this type of partnership to develop the services targeted according to our various customers."

"We are very happy of this partnership which not only enables us to offer a service of top-of-the-range entertainment to the passengers of Airport of Paris but also the advisability of exposing by a true experiment of plays, the consolestrue experiment of plays, the consoles PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 with a broad range of public." declare Nathalie Dacquin, Directrice Marketing of Sony Computer Entertainment France.

Ok, I guess I answered my own question about the $.

MADGameR4137d ago

Showin some LOOOOOOOVE ^_^

BaMYouRDeaD4137d ago

Sony should do this in other major airports in Chicago, NYC, LA, London, Berlin, etc. Heck, they should do in all sorts of places. Fast food chains such as Burger King or McDonald's would be ideal places to have a kiosk. Also, they should do this in major tourist areas.

toughNAME4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

who wants to watch movies at Burger King?

EDIT BaMYouRDeaD (below)

buddy i was in...there are no games for PS3? and all you can do with the PS3 is watch movies?


BaMYouRDeaD4137d ago

"who wants to watch movies at Burger King?"

Movies? If you read my post correctly, you will note that I said nothing about movies in there. What I was saying is that Sony should put PS3 kiosks such as the ones at Best Buy, GameStop, Wal-Mart etc. in fast food restaurants so when people go out to buy a burger, they see the PS3, try it out, and maybe get interested about buying one.

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