Wii Portable LCD Screen

Century have created a 7inch portable LCD Portable screen for the Wii featuring a built in sensor bar on sale from June 25th for 14,800 yen ($120)

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bung tickler4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

look at how portable that gamecube is... thats crazy. now you just need a battery pack, then its non-stop gamecube fun.

closedxxx4138d ago

With games like Wii sports, I would find it very anticlimactic to swing the wii-mote on a return shot while playing tennis, only to have to lean down and squint at the screen to watch the return shot, then back up and prepare to swing again.

This portable screen is only good for using the classic controller, thus eliminating any exciting aspect of the Wii.

emptiness4138d ago

wow! now i can really see the detail!

Crotin4138d ago

I'd get it if the screen was at least 10"

Marona4138d ago

Won't it be abit to hard to play?

Naluka4137d ago

Does seem a little small doesn't it, would maybe be better if the screen took up the entire width of the Wii just so it has an extra couple of inches. Still wouldn't make it any easier to play though would it. =\