Miyamoto Makes List Of "The 50 Who Matter Now"

CNN Money's Business 2.0 recently complied a list of the 50 people who matter, right now, in today's rapidly evolving business market. Who was up high on that list, ranking in at no. 20? Nintendo legend, Shigeru Miyamoto. Why does he matter? An editor over at CNN, explains:

"The Wii's motion-sensitive controller has injected a physical dimension into the videogame business, but the real genius of the Wii may be that it appeals to people outside Nintendo's traditional middle-school demographic. By marketing the Wii aggressively to 25-to 49-year-olds, Miyamoto is breathing new life into a $30 billion industry that was starting to stagnate."

Don't forget the DS, which has been just as successful. A big congrats to Miyamoto-san!

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emptiness4138d ago

indeed, congrats to you...

The KEN KUTARAGI4138d ago

I'm the father of the Playstation and Playstaion 2 (the first console to ever sell 100 million consoles I might add)!

I do love me some Super Mario Bros. though...