Is Heavy Rain Doing Video Games Proud? (Alternative Magazine Online)

AMO writes: "I was recently disappointed to realise that several media outlets/gamers are already finding fault with Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain on PS3 before it has even been released, mostly due to the parallels it draws with cinema. Of course, this is a result of the unbelievable hype surrounding the game. But rather than doing gaming a disservice, I actually think from what I have seen so far that it is doing video games rather proud…"

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Xwow20083182d ago

i really hope for heavy rain to be a big hit and change how ppl look at video games :)

zeeshan3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

This game should make Sony and QD proud of themselves. It looks amazing. We need innovation. Of course if you show this game to an FPS addicted teenager, he'd probably laugh his as* off and mock the game and 360 fanboys regardless of their age will always hate it but mature audience regardless which platform is their favorite (360 or PS3), they will support innovation and an attempt to take gaming to the next level which is exactly what Sony and QD are doing here.

sikbeta3182d ago

Totally agree with Both of you, the Game will be Amazing


Equinoxe_73182d ago

I don't know, but I hope so, it's not a game for everyone.

I like many kinds of games.

WildArmed3182d ago

On one hand people b!tch about NOT having innovation...
and when Innovation arrives, they start scolding it for not sticking to the core norms set by gamers everywhere.

Seems like people/media can't make up their mind..

Well i guess it must be easier in life to go on hating everything that comes your way..

OGharryjoysticks3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

I know it's not because they are animated because animated movies rack up the awards every year.

themafia3182d ago

i need to preorder this unique experience!

Oztheboss3182d ago

I hope that fat c*nt Jim Sterling reads this.

MartyMcFly883182d ago

Thanks! I assume you mean this article:

This was of course one of the things I read online that sparked me into writing my own opinion piece about Heavy Rain.

Julie3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

Don't worry those Destructoid "enthusiasts" seems to only think that games are those things where you press a button and a bullet comes out of a gun , i have yet to read a single article from that site with even a small bit of substance is just a waste :/

They don't remember adventure graphic games like The Longest Journey , Phantasmagoria, etc ... just do what i do and ignore everything that says Destructoid they only write nonsense to get hits.

And Heavy Rain seems to be a gaming masterpiece of moral feelings =)

MartyMcFly883182d ago

The Longest Journey is a good example to use! I write for Adventure Classic Gaming (my earliest gaming memories are of classic adventure games tbh) so I can really get excited when I see a mash-up of old and new like Heavy Rain.