Microsoft demonstrates laptop-compatible multi-touch displays

The idea of having a multi-touch-capable laptop sounds pretty sweet, but of course no one would want to carry a cathode-ray-tube in their backpack, so how do you come up with a solution for a screen less than an inch thick? Microsoft Research Cambridge's Steve Hodges might have the answer.

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eques judicii4136d ago

microsoft surface is going to be really cool... at first i thought it would only be "table" PCs but now they they showed this? I'm super excited at the possibilities, and the technology doesn't seem super expensive either, which means it could become standard consumer electronics within only a few years... If they can figure out a way to protect the lcd screen that is.

closedxxx4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

This is the kind of thing that pushes technology out of the current "generation" and onto a different type of interacting with technology.

We've been using hardware interface devices like mice and keyboards for over 30 years now, and no matter how advanced our pcs become, we are still separated from the experience by placing ourselves behind a mouse or keyboard.

Innovative ways to interact with a computer is the next step in advancing tecnhology and taking it to a more efficient, multitasking way of communicating with devices.

hfaze4136d ago

Just imagine when it gets to the point of being able to make an OLED touchscreen display that is a roll out mat? Roll out a 46" widescreen display from a tube...

Hopefully there will be something like that soon for Linux/Beryl, Novell signed the patent deal with Microsoft, and they're the ones that headed up the whole XGL/Compiz project... ;-)