Panasonic Exec Speaks out about the Blue-Ray war and why Sony has won

Check out what this Panasonic exec has to say about the format war. Even though Panasonic sided with the BD camp it is still interesting to read.

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Violater4137d ago

allow me to play devils advocate here,
If by that same logic the Wii/360 has won and the PS3 is doomed.
Completely different scenarios but I think its still too early to declare the whole thing as being "over".
Just my opinion not flamebait

masterg4137d ago

The difference is that Blu-ray was released after HD-DVD.
Actually HD-DVD started very well compared to blu-ray.

So if you have to compare. It would mean the PS3 would come from behind just like Blu-ray did and take the lead after a year.

Apocalypse Shadow4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

said bluray would dominate way before ps3 release.

and now it is happening.putting bluray support in ps3 was a very smart move by sony.

it helps movies and games.

everyone google scrivener.he lost his job in the marketing cuts recently,but he was right about a lot of things.

EDIT:hahaha!! some punk hit disagree.hmmmmm....was it the fact that:

scrivener was right before ps3 release?
sony making a smart move?
it helps games and movies?
or that bluray is dominating?

fine with me.i'm still going to laugh at the fools that supported hd-dvd.especially elite gamer-top gamer-real deal-sony4u.i'm laughing at you......hahahahahahahahahahah a!!!

hope you enjoy that ps3 and those bluray movies you bought elite,top,.....WHATEVAAAAAA!

Blackmoses4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

hate to say this but,
it doesn't do a whole hell of a lot for the credibility of this story when it comes from a site called "".
I mean your kind of shooting yourselves in the foot with that one.

thanks drtysouf21, that's all I was sayin...
Why everybody disagreeing with me? LOL
I mean you know how these guys are around here...
they use anything to start a S!#t storm!!
Why disagree with me? LOL!!!

brianodom4137d ago


when it know the rest HD-DVD...LOL

Naruto4137d ago

what do this has to do with the 360 or wii

Blackmoses4137d ago

that's why it was posted under PS3 news and Industry News. Calm down....Nobody trying to start an argument...Lol

Kaneda4137d ago

Xbox 360 add-on HD-DVD playa...199.00...


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The story is too old to be commented.