Critical Gamer: Bayonetta: PS3 review

Critical Gamer writes: This review will deal with the slightly tedious 360 vs PS3 comparisons, but we'd like to start off by talking about the actual game, if it's all the same to you.

Yes, it looks an awful lot like demon themed roaming beat em up Devil May Cry. Yes, the driving force behind this game is the creator of Devil May Cry. Most of us at CG aren't huge DMC fans however; and yet Bayonetta has grabbed our attention with both hands.

Most immediately striking are the enemies, which are all ironically demonic looking angelic beings. The art design here is wonderful; as if renaissance art has been melded with monster design from cheap eighties horror movies. Dali would surely have been proud to have created each and every one of these monstrosities.

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callahan093183d ago

Completely agree with their reviews. The game is phenomenal, it deserves these scores, and most importantly, it deserves the same praise on BOTH consoles. I didn't take the bait, I rented both versions of the game and compared them for myself, and minimal differences exist, but there's no impact on the quality of the PS3 version, it's still the same game and it's a must-own. PS - I played it after downloading the patch & installing the game on PS3.