EA: Digital Distribution To Grow, But Not Mainstream Business For Some Time

CC: EA Games' European publishing boss Dr Jens Uwe Intat believes that whilst digital distribution will continue to grow, it will not be the majority of business for the publishing giant for quite some time.

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mjolliffe3186d ago

It's the publishers decision. Gamers aren't going to abandon gaming if they do change to digital distribution as mainstream though.

The publisher wins every time.

scruffy_bear3186d ago

Yeah I like to have the artwork and manual too

mjolliffe3186d ago

Yeah, I do like turning around and seeing them all. But I've got so many now I need new storage.

And I've upgraded to a 320GB Hard Drive for my PS3 because of Betas and full games.

Captain Tuttle3186d ago

Remember the game manuals for Fallout 1 and 2? Or Baldurs Gate 2? They were 50-100 pages long.

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ElementX3186d ago

As long as file sizes continue to grow exponentially, DD will never become mainstream.

champ213186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

i got about 2.5tb space on my pc. more then enough for any DD.

plus storage is cheap on the pc.

most games are within the range of 5-8gb. which would mean i could have about 240 games on pc id say thats more then enough, also getting more stoage is not a problem.

DD for PC is very viable.

ElementX3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

I'm referring to US internet speeds and how long it'll take to download 20GB games, not HDD storage. We're way behind other countries as far as bandwidth and connection speeds.

Sure there aren't 20GB games now, but I said games are increasing in size so 20GB isn't out of the question years down the road.

Altourus3185d ago

"No one will need more than 637 kb of memory for a personal computer."
- Bill Gates

movements3186d ago

I believe digital is the new path forged, that doesn't mean I'm pleased with it..

gameseveryday3186d ago

Whats the resale value of a digitally distributed game?

The Meerkat3186d ago

Would you buy a DD game if it was 50% cheaper? Probably yes.

Would you buy a DD game if it was the same as hard copy? Probably no.

Therefore there must be a sweet spot between those two extremes that leave the majority of people happy.

Letros3186d ago

Steam deals 4tw

And Rashid,

Coming soon, and publishers get a cut, unlike Gamestop.

ElementX3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Also with DD games, there's no saying companies would ever lower the price. You go to Target or Best Buy and you get sales occasionally on games, there's no way for individual stores to discount titles if companies only release them online.

Just look at PSPGo. There were articles saying the downloadable games costed as much as $7 more than hard copies in some cases.

champ213185d ago

well sure systems which are directly controlled by sony or microsoft have no competition. IE psn or MSlive network have no competitor out there. Hence getting a good deal on them is hard.

on the PC, we get crazy deals from places like steam, d2d etc because there is competition.

i bought about 70 games from steam so far in 2 years. i must have saved around 1200usd on the games alone compared to buying console versions. now thats a huge saving while playing the superior version.

Letros3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

I just added up my stuff Champ21, I saved about $600 by choosing the PC version on a steam sale, good to know lol.

@ElementX, that's the problem with Console DD, you'll very rarely get things at a discounted price, PC on the other hand has competitive DD markets, games get real cheap, fast.

champ213185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

but but pc gaming is soo expensive haha.


ppl missing out on deals from DD stores like steam etc dont have a clue what they are missing out on and how much extra they are paying on games.


Psn or MSlive becoming successful as DD systems, and retail dieing out could spell disaster for console users. As MS and sony would then see no reason to lower prices. Hence console users better hope retail doesnt die.

though even the retail does milk them pretty hard.

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kingme713186d ago

When the game is a packaged good on a retailer shelf, buyers control the price history of that game much more than a publisher. The retailer needs to move slow selling games to make more shelf space. The used market drives down the price of the new game. Within months, most games have dropped at least $20.00 and some even more. When games are digitally downloaded, the publisher has full control. Space is no longer an issue, used games dry up. Will they even have a way to rent games anymore? What are they going to do, give you 7 days to complete a rental before it is removed from your harddrive, much like the 24 hours you get with a movie?

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