X360A: Aliens vs. Predator Interview, Dave Brickley, Senior Producer

X360A writes: "By now you should have read our Aliens vs. Predator hands on multiplayer preview. You haven't? But we posted it a mere matter of minutes before we posted this. You're only human you say? Well that's where you're going wrong!

Last week we got chance to catch up with Aliens vs. Predator's Senior Producer, Dave Brickley, after our hands-on to talk all things Aliens vs. Predator. The interview touches on such things as, staying true to the franchise, the highly anticipated multiplayer, their thoughts on the MA15+ rating given in Australia and the multiplayer's must-get-right balance issues."

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The Meerkat3180d ago

Enough of the interviews!

Just give us the demo and we'll know what we want to know within a few minutes of playing it.