Exclusive Manhunt 2 Review [Scans Included]

NGamer has got an World Exclusive Manhunt 2 review giving it a whopping 92%. So here are the scans and info you've all been waiting for!

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Diselage4233d ago

The scans of it don't look that bad.

ItsDubC4233d ago

I just hope my girl doesn't freak out when I play this game.

The KEN KUTARAGI4233d ago

But you never can tell with scans...
It's really all about RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACER!!!
Just ask Kaz

sumfood4u4233d ago

Needs to get a Movie Deal going!

Tsalagi4233d ago

If stuff like Hostel and Saw can get made i don't see why this couldn't.

ITR4233d ago

It'll just end up being NC-17.

Stupid MPAA board.

emptiness4233d ago

i have a genuine and strong conscience and thus i won't play it or support it...

Syko4233d ago

This is why I got fired up and flamed you the other day. We understand you don't like the game and feel it serves no purpose. But, Why do people like you feel it necessary to try to take it away from people that want to play it. It's the same reason religious people start more violence than the atheists. Because you want everyone to think like you because you have found the "Good Life". I respect your opinion and right to ignore this game, just don't crusade against it censorship is just another step towards big brother government "1984". It's already pretty bad how much some people expect the government to do for them, Just please don't encourage people to give them more power. Hell you give the American government any more and we will probably invade Mexico or Canada for no reason next. =)

emptiness4233d ago

how am i trying to take it away from you? all i said was that i will not support it and asked that you review your conscience instead of this game... if what i say touches a nerve with you maybe you REALLY need to review your conscience...

the reason i say this is because i've only noticed a few of you having the maturity and strength to stand up for morality and the people who WILL be negatively influenced and affected by this type of media. IT'S NOT NECESSARY to make these types of entertainment... i will continue to voice my concern for negatively influential media as long as i am alive... i will protect and guide young and easily influenced minds into being compassionate, trustworthy, and valiant... i will not condone the distribution of violence through any means including the culturally and socially destructive media of Manhunt 2... we all have a responsibility as human beings to advance our humanity beyond our instinctual and animalistic desires... if you wish to stay an animal then go ahead...

PS360WII4233d ago

Though I do agree with you on that it's free for you to stress your opinion on the matter. I still feel it unjust to insinuate that a person who may want to play this game would be mentally ill or immature. It's one thing to rant at things in a gaming forum, it's kind of the thing to do, and it's another thing to be that way in the real world. Everyone can talk big and be an idiot when posting a comment. I know I've done it and frankly it felt nice to just blast away regarless if people liked what I said or not, it was an outlet. Just like video games are.
Manhunt series, yes, has quite the tone of violence and is like a murder sim, but it's a psychological horror/thriller game. Just like the movies are. If this game was a movie all would be alright in the world but seeing that it's a video game it's the apocalypse. Rather hypocritical if you ask me. Which you didn't I know but it is JUST a game after all. There have been more links regarding kids killing nature thru psychological drugs then of games/movies/media. Yet we aren't trying to ban the news or stop people from getting their prozac are we?

emptiness4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

actually there are many people trying to regulate the news in different ways and also trying to stop pharmacuetical companies from marketing their yes we are...

believe me i understand there are lots and lots of things other than video games that are negatively influential to our culture and society. but it's videogames that are marketed to the MOST influential, our children. this is NATURALLY why there is so much action taken against morally destructive videogames. you seem like an intellegent person but unfortunately you're stnace on the matter seems to be luke warm, meaning that if you are going to play the neutral pansy then i'm going to ignore you and so will the rest of the world for that're right, it does feel good and i didn't even go all out

EDIT: i'm out of bubbles but i agree with Skizelli.

@PS360WII as usual you take it all out of context and act like it means something. forget it. you'll never understand it and that's fine. continue to argue superficially and without a social or cultural conscience. the world really needs more people like you. keep up the good work.

OOO! double edit! ><

Skizelli4233d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

I'd rather nurse my instinctual and animalistic desires in a virtual world than in the real one. In that sense, violent video games can be a good thing. It's an outlet for people like me. Games like this allow me to do things I wouldn't dare try, or would want to try in real life. There will always be senseless violence in the real world, but at least the violence I inflict on others is virtual.

Should I review my conscience because I feel this way? Hardly. I'm only human. What it boils down to is parenting. Many people say this, but nobody seems to listen, and it doesn't really surprise me. There's so much snuff out there, and a parent can't protect their child from everything, but they can make that child aware and teach them to have a mind of their own. And after all, they do have control in the home. It's not like there isn't a rating system in place for video games.

That story about the grandmother that bought her grandson GTA: San Andreas, only to sue Rockstar because of its content is laughable. Did the title not give it away? I guess the rating didn't, either. A lot of parents are dumb or are completely oblivious to their child's daily affairs. Perhaps its parents that should review their conscience. Rather than take responsibility for their own failures, they'd rather blame it on other things, like violent video games.

PS360WII4233d ago

neutral pansy. Geez dude who's being immature now? I was trying to be nice in a way where you're right and we're right. First of all if you want to ban this game your gonna have to ban every war game out there. Do you think the actual people who fought in those wars feel it's "cool" for us to play them now and say boom head shot! Naturally we would also have to get rid of all fighting games because of the violent nature they are portraing in the game. Then we would have to get rid of Sci-fi shooters because they bring an unhealthy view of the future and we don't want to stunt out kids mind development.
Then we need to ban all CNN, FOX, MSN, along with the internet because out kids might find out about a crime that was comitted on the outskirts of there town. Along with canning all books which showcase violence. That would include all history books because they go into detail how they did it. Get rid of the memorials of the dead because it would remind us of all the violence that occured to get them dead in the first place.
Then we would have to get rid of everyones eyes because they could see some violence some time when you weren't looking.

See where I'm going with this. You are not the answer you are a bigger problem to the masses then a solution. The lesser of two evils is video games rather than total submission to pansy's that can't tell the difference between the "Real" world and that of a game.

Diselage4233d ago

Exactly, there is no reason why people need to force their views on others, and by not releasing this game thats what their saying.

Bathyj4233d ago

PLEASE come to Australia. The first one was so good and I haven't killed because of it.

Does anyone know if a NTSC PS2 game will play on a PAL PS3?

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