GameFly, Blockbuster won't carry Manhunt 2 with AO rating

Joystiq spoke with game rental service GameFly and can report that Manhunt 2, now with an AO rating, will not be carried by the company. A GameFly spokesperson said, "GameFly as a general policy does not carry AO rated titles." When asked if they have ever made an exception to the "general policy," the representive said, "Not that I know of, there's been no exceptions."

They also contacted Blockbuster corporate and they said, "Blockbuster does not carry adult or NC-17 movies, or AO rated games."

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Bill Gates4139d ago

Another one two punch to M$ from Blockbuster....Ouch!

Syko4139d ago

Wii, PS2, PSP. Ya Blockbuster really got MS good that time, You baboon.

Anyways, This is making me think twice about keeping my Gamefly subscription. You have to be 18 for the service. Why deny me a right to rent a game?

Omicronn4139d ago

Lost me with that one too... lol

VirusE4139d ago

What needs to happen for this guy to get banned? He only has one bubble and NEVER says anything worth reading.

Syko4139d ago

Things that will lower your comment limit

* Offensive language, name calling and personal attacks on other members
* Pointless comments like the classic “I am first” post
* Extreme Fanboyism
* Bad sense of humor
* Immature language
* Immature screen names (You can edit your screen name through your CP if you feel you have made a mistake when signing up)

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* Using Avatars with nudity.
* Having more than one active user account.

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ITR4139d ago

Movie Gallery can sell it since they do sell and rent adult titles.

Syko4139d ago

I thought I recognized you from somewhere, You're that guy with the paper bag in your hands walking out of there. LOL

gaffyh4139d ago

I feel bad for Rockstar, they will probably try and steer clear from Wii now, because it actually makes you do the action of killing someone in the game whereas a conventional pad you just press a button. I don't think the sensors will like that.

Hopefully they don't ban GTA 4, a lot of people here (UK) would go crazy if that happened

MK_Red4139d ago

I really hope that if they're cutting the game to get an M, they release an uncut AO version for select retailers.

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The story is too old to be commented.