Hardware Test: Xbox 360 Elite

The Xbox 360 Elite is the first hardware revision of Microsoft's multi-million-selling console, a chance for the Xbox team to revisit the classic hardware, add additional high-definition functionality and hopefully address some of the reliability and noise issues.

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drtysouf214139d ago

chips in and fixes the hardware problems i will upgrade to the Elite.

Maddens Raiders4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Here's the V * E * R * D * I * C * T

-- "I find it quite amazing that there's so much to write about a machine that is essentially a tweaked version of the same console that launched at the tail-end of 2005. It's perhaps because the original 360 was such a flawed classic. It's a system that offers so many essential gaming moments - it's just sad that they're all accompanied by a constant raucous racket from the DVD-ROM drive. Additionally, thanks to the terrible reliability issues and the spectre of the three red lights of doom, you're left with the nagging worry that every gameplay session may well be your last.

AdvertisementSo, the first facelifted model to come along is going to face a lot of scrutiny - not just for the additional functionality and options it offers, but to see just how much Microsoft has responded to the criticism of the original unit's shortcomings. And in these respects, the Xbox 360 Elite is something of a Jekyll and Hyde scenario." --

"Jekyll & Hyde" upgraded to an 3L33T "Jekyll & Hyde"? No thanks.


I do have a 360 razer that has been defunct since September '06 (and even vowed to buy another but never did) and still played my cousin's 'til it took a dVmp in his living room about a month and a half ago. I'm not going to argue with you ~ and your stories. Just read the article and we'll see who the "loser" really is.

razer4139d ago

I own 2 of these and they've never had a problem... Had them for over a year now..

You don't even own a 360 yet you feel the need to comment?

What a loser..

LilClaw4139d ago

My 360 just .... died last night :(. Luckily it's 2 weeks before E3 and not during E3. Luckily I can get mines just before E3. There's many new demos that I must get me hands on ^_^. It's a sad loss though.

SmokeyMcBear4139d ago

haha razer, actually he does own a 360, and don't worry, your will eventually crap out also, they all will.

Sangheili854139d ago

Yeah it isn't nearly as loud as the first. and it doesn't get finger prints!

AuburnTiger4139d ago

"The only other major change under the bonnet is the new HANA video display chip, replacing the old ANA version in the classic 360. This chip has erroneously been described as the silicon that deals with the 360's inbuilt hardware scaling. In truth, Microsoft has now confirmed to us that it's merely a video output chip - a means of transferring the framebuffer into all of the different signals: composite, s-video, RGB SCART, component, VGA and - the key addition with HANA - HDMI. Scaling itself is actually performed by the Xenos GPU (most likely using a variation of Lanczos resizing)"

that's pretty interesting.

HokieFan4139d ago

I thought that was pretty interesting too, considering the big deal that was made out of "Ana".

Charlie26884139d ago

probably the first thing that stops from getting the Elite to replace my Premium is the color Black... simply find it Fugly (lol) on the 360, I prefer the white one, if only the Elite came in white :(

Tsalagi4139d ago

Yeah, The 360 just doesn't look right in black.

HokieFan4139d ago

I 100% agree. I'm sure they did a black version since most other electronics are black and people want it to match, but they should do a white elite too.

Kyur4ThePain4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

I agree...the 360 looks good in white, not black.
The PS3 looks good in black, not white.

Charlie26884139d ago

mmm if you agree..then click on the "Agree button"! >_> :P

and if you are feeling happy in the +1bubble too 8)

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