End may be in sight for high definition DVD format war

Ben Bates, professor of journalism and electronic media at the University of Tennessee, feels that the Playstation 3 (PS3) just might be the factor that probably already has decided the high definition format war.
At you can have a look at his arguments.

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Bill Gates4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Sorry but we just can't fit anymore nails in this HD-DVD coffin, but we will use it for the 360 coffin. Thanks professor. el oh el

sajj3164138d ago

a funny man but I agree, the HD DVD is on its last leg.

Blackmoses4138d ago

well we knew this was comming....with every PS3 sold there is also another BlueRay customer. Regardless of what a few of you may was bound to end up this way.

Maddens Raiders4138d ago

"too easy,...........the center of gravity." J/K lol

whateva4138d ago

every time I click on a page today I see Blu-ray, I think it's over for HD-DVD

boi4138d ago

well i wont say its over but its near it lol i know its harse but its the truth rite!

The KEN KUTARAGI4138d ago

Has anyone even committed to a format yet? Let's just get a winner already.
Microsoft has nothing to lose here, and SONY has everything to lose, so let's give it to Blu Ray and get it over with.
SONY forced Blu Ray into peoples living rooms (few as they may be) and MS basically sat back and waited for everything to play out.
If nothing else, HD DVD helped the consumer by forcing the price down on Blu Ray (the mor expensive format to develope).
So, again, competition is good for the consumer, and HD DVD did a good job pretending to fight, but now that Blu Ray prices are at an acceptable level, HD DVD can fade away into the sunset, and MS can announce their Blu Ray add-on for the Xbox 360

Maddens Raiders4138d ago

"The Ken" -- now where did you come from? Who are you man? Odion, calderra...hmmmmm maybe POG, but not I think it's probably conta26, then again it could be EliteGamer letting go some of his angst.

Gawd you 360 fanatics are so desperate to bury the PS3 news, you'll do anything to try and ruin it. What a sad, sad existence. We'll be watching you pal. Trying to peg that irratic and hampered writing style of yours. Looks a little purposeful to me. =]


BitbyDeath4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Sony also forced DVD down our throats too by having it included in the PS2 and that worked out pretty well.

New formats don't just happen overnight. People need to have a need to use it before it'll become mainstream

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Omicronn4138d ago

The Blu-ray Hype is really picking up. Bloomberg Tv is even starting to mention it quite a bit.

Someone at Cnet predicted HD-dvd would fold by September (I did NOT agree)

But they are starting to sound right about bluray on top. Doubt hddvd shutting down anytime soon, but blockbuster is going to be a big hurt on them.

Most people I know decided soon as the news came out the other day as to which format they will get.

Pretty shocking that the PS3 edged it up that fast. But everyone must have gotten HD-Tv's for the holidays and got hooked after playing their first hi def movie.

My first one was King Kong on HD-dvd from the 360 and we were all excited. Second was Casino royal on the PS3 and blew us away again.

All depends on your TV setup of course, and if the movie makers film it the right way to take advantage of Hidef 3d effect camera work..

But future should be so much better that the next big hit to the Movie theaters is coming around again I think in sales loss when everyone complains how much nicer it is to watch a movie at home again:)

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