Insomniac Games comments on Project Natal

KingPS3: "Over at the Art Institute of California-Los Angeles, Insomniac Games stopped by to participate in a panel discussion with seniors of nearby schools. Among all the questions by attenders of the event, one particular question was interesting, along with its answer."

Model5287d ago

F@ck Natal... check this vid out

PS3 it only does everything, even Star trek

JasonPC360PS3Wii5287d ago

This coming from the developer of a failed franchise LOL

ShinRyuHadoken5287d ago



I LOL with that awesome video. :)

blitz06235287d ago

How exactly are Resistance, R&C, Sly Cooper failed franchises? You bots keep talking trash with no proof.

ZombieRollz5287d ago (Edited 5287d ago )

I picture Jason bringing home a girl and getting ready to get laid when he hears the door slam.

He checks the note and it reads, "Sorry, I was gonna screw your brains out, but I saw your 360 and laughed."

CernaML5287d ago (Edited 5287d ago )

Sucker Punch made Sly Cooper, not Insomniac. Jason is still a moron however.

Bloodraid5286d ago

I think he may have meant Spyro. Not sure though.

blitz06235286d ago

No, I just got my facts mixed up. Thanks for the correction

Bill Gates5286d ago (Edited 5286d ago )


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PLAYSTATIONGENRATION5287d ago (Edited 5287d ago )

It will come out and people will be surprised it is not whats promised...well i wont and even if it does what it says it does....it can't be implemented in a wide array of games ..

its irrational because u don't agree with that ...lets have a argument about the facts...if u want to argue the facts lets do it.....i am not in to arguing speculation of what u may think it is ...it is what it is right now

Disprove anything I said with facts...not just no...you sound like the republican party

Jamegohanssj55287d ago

Professional answer. They didn't even try to crush the other console. Good job.


-Alpha5287d ago (Edited 5287d ago )

What else did Nostradamus tell you?

@PlaystationGenration Below

Having all three consoles doesn't exempt you from having a bias and making irrational, unfounded claims.


I just want to see it in other than mini games...then I will shut my mouth...Im not getting it either way...I will be getting Reach...If u thinking i am fanboy think away because I have a xbox 360 wii and ps3

N4PS3G5287d ago

Some people here think they're so smart and run and open their mouths even without knowing anything about a product. I love N4G!

N4G-Where random people play to be developers!

TheBand1t5287d ago

Is it really any different than people running around screaming how it will CHANGE GAMING FOREVAR without actually having used the device?

damnightmare5287d ago

How is this news? All they said was no...lmao A first party Sony developer, what would you expect?

-Alpha5287d ago (Edited 5287d ago )

People HAVE used the device. There is no reason to doubt that it will change gaming. Motion control as a whole is said to change gaming forever and the proof is in the Wii.

With Sony and MS following and with MS aiming to remove the very heart of gaming-- the controller-- and incorporating motion control, how could you NOT say that these projects are not going to change gaming forever? The traditional approach to gaming is being removed and I do believe it will change gaming.

Edit: Nevermind, it wont change gaming "forever", but it will change gaming, period. My mistake.


I'm pretty sure Insomniac is not 1st party. Sony just has a good relationship with them. And just saying "no" doesn't mean jack, so I don't really know what the point of this article is.

SnuggleBandit5287d ago

Aren't they technically second party--they make games for only one console but not owned by them??

N4PS3G5287d ago


"It will come out and people will be surprised it is not whats promised"

You want to talk facts but you're the first one predicting the future with opinions disguised as facts

Nothing concrete about Natal or PS3 Motion Controller is out yet..You're a just a contradicting machine

You don't know anything more than us..soo shut up

InfectedDK5287d ago

In all fairness none can say anything for sure atm but Insomniac isn't saying things like that if they don't mean it as it is now..
Maybe this is further provement that it won't change that much..

Personally I think that maybe 2 - 5 games using Natal in the coming 2 years could be either ok or cool.. Although I don't see this as more than what the EyeToy for PS2 did.. Maybe, maybe not..

I can't tell which will be better.. Natal og the "wand" for the PS3.. What was it called again? Although from what I have seen I think the PS3 does it better.. I can see the wands in my hands shooting with an arrow or fighting like a ninja lol.. But lets see what they come up with.. I think the PS3 demoes has been great..

ReservoirDog3165287d ago

Gotta love Insomniac. Halfway through ACiT. Enjoying every second of it.

I just don't like how natal might win over the casuals. And it'll be kinda the Wii HD. And if that's the case, then the 360 will hit Wii-like numbers. So what would stop them from becoming like Nintendo and leaving their hardcore gamers with one or two games a year?

Same applies to sony and the wand/gem/arc/thing thing. Could be cool (maybe...) but the effects of it could really hurt all of us.

FamilyGuy5287d ago

Give me my click back!

Insomniac made no camera games when the PS2 had it and they've made none for the PS3 so what they expect them to say? I don't think Natal will be "revolutionary" but I do think it will have it's place and be enjoyed as long as their are good games and uses made for the device.

thenickel5287d ago

There are no facts yet and many assumptions. If Natal is created with hardcore games primarily in mind then I hope it's a sign of good things to come. Did anyone actually expect a different answer?