Blu-ray: 5 to 1 Edge Over HD DVD Players

Blu-ray players are in roughly 1.5 million homes -- five times more than its high-def DVD rival, HD-DVD.

That's according to the research firm Digital Entertainment Group, as reported by Video Business.

DEG says the 1.5 million Blu-ray homes include about 100,000 standalone Blu-ray players with the rest PlayStation 3 game consoles, which include Blu-ray players inside.

The research firm says there 300,000 HD DVD homes in the United States -- evenly split between standalone players and HD DVD XBox 360 attachment drives.

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achira4137d ago

interesting, i think anyone can see what is coming.

Bill Gates4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

HDMI 1.3 - NOT 1.2
Blu-Ray - Has all but burried HD-DVD
HDD - included in every PS3
PSN - for FREE

Xbox360 - nah,nah,nah,nah,...hey,hey,hey ...Goodbye.


@Idiot..oops I mean Odion, don't you ever speak to your father in that tone ever again.

Odion4137d ago

HDMI 1.3 - NOT 1.2
Blu-Ray - Has all but burried HD-DVD
HDD - included in every PS3
PSN - for FREE

Xbox360 - nah,nah,nah,nah,...hey,hey,hey ...Goodbye.



Yet the 360 is outselling the PS3 in every region but Japan HAHAHAHAHAHA

STFU you tool


..look at how fast they pick up on these stories and start spewing their propaganda that HD-DVD is dead. Cont rare Mon frare , HD-DVD is far from dead, boasting the best titles and features out to date, HD-DVD has been moving very well in the market.

If you take the PS3 out of the equation, Blu-ray stand alone players sold to date are around 100,000 stand alone players, Where HD-DVD is upwards of 300,000 stand alone players.

**When you do add the PS3, the numbers rise to 1.4 million(# sounds fishy to me), the rise in Blu-ray movies watched by PS3 owners is increasing but has been brought on by debilitating lack of games. Blockbuster sighted this as their reason for going with Blu-ray this summer "NO GAMES ON THE PS3" ***PS3 Gamers are renting BLU-RAY***

The industry knows what Sony is doing, and it can't last forever. If they don't start selling some games their system is going to falter.

Once some games appear on the PS3 and those gamers are back to gaming met with strong sales of inexpensive HD-DVD players this coming season, your gonna see your turn around and it's not going to be Blu-ray in the drivers seat.

Face the facts that consumers drive this industry not big corporations, I predict that PS3 fans will be finding the biggest rocks to crawl under to avoid the humiliation of being a SONY/PS3/Blu-ray PAWN.

Ask your protection group they know the real reason why they formed and so do I.

This is what a few others had to say on the topic:


Interesting that while Sony is gaining ground thanks to the PS3, they're losing financially. How many billions of dollars have they lost on the PS3 already....How long can they keep it up?

Angus Rg

Are they really gaining ground due to the PS3? Their sales should be 5 to 1 if that was the case.


For having 5 times as many BD(Blu-ray Disc)players they only have around a 2 to 1 adavantage over HD DVD in current weekly movie sales. Sony should be crushing with 5 times as many players. Obviously most of the PS3 owners don't watch BD(Blu-ray Disc) movies.


I think this blockbuster thing is blown way out of proportion, I mean, who goes to Blockbuster anymore? Is it 1991? Do we want to go rent a VHS tape after watching Full House on TGIF this Friday? – Seriously though, half of the Blockbusters by me have closed and they are now scrambling to copy Netflix. The real test will the price point and the 2007 holiday season.


I own players from both formats and can only say I recommend the HD DVD player as being cheaper and having better quality!


Both formats are great. I have over 300 titles between both formats. Although BD(Blu-ray Disc) features won't be up to the specs HD DVD had from the very beginning(April 2006) until the end of October. That's why I prefer HD DVD curently.


The article fails to mention that PS3 sales have ground almost to a complete halt, therefore the 1.5 million Blu-ray players is virtually a fixed market size. It is no wonder that we are not seeing any significant increase in HD disk sales.

If the next gen HD disk format is depending on the PS3 to carry it into the homes of Americans it has already failed.


Misleading article. Everyone that currently had an HD-DVD player or an Xbox 360 add on has bought it specifically to play HD-DVD movies. Has even 20% of the PS3 buyers bought it to play Blu-Ray movies?? Hmm, think about that one...

XxZxX4137d ago

i still can't see it yet. 1.5 million is nothing

JIN KAZAMA4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

HD-DVD is dead. its over folks. Lets move on and enjoy Blu-Ray. And also, lets enjoy watching TheMart, TopGamer, Power Of Green, Bladestar, Thammer1, eat their words and squirm to try to spin this.

TheGeneral: EliteGamer is TopGamer is TheRealDeal and many more. He creates all these ID's and then gives himself positive feedback so he gets all these bubbles. I cant believe there are losers out there like that.

The General4137d ago

he was also one of those "HD DVD will Win" radicals. O well, Blu-ray proved a lot of people wrong.

warfed4137d ago

how many ps3 are actually used for blu-ray... when someone buys a stand alone they will most likely buy a lot of blu-ray movies, a ps3 user maybe a few... I have none, I don't wanna wreck my drive watching movies never did it on my ps2 and I never got a disk read error.

drtysouf214137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

Edit just submitted it.

ITR4137d ago

I tried watching movies on my PS2..and ended up getting tired of the slow remote response time and just bought a standalone.

If your a movie watcher you'll go standalone.
You'll be better served by it. It also means less wear and tear on your console.

drtysouf214137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

flawlessly! PS3 is my preferred player for DVD and Blu-ray especially with the new upconversion.

XxZxX4137d ago

@ITR, I dont think u have PS3 yet. If you have PS3, you will find out the playback quality in PS3 is actually better than some standalone player in blu-ray.


You PS3 fan if your not careful the rest of the angry PS3 mob is libel to string you up. Were you left out of the last meeting or something?

You must defend Sony no matter how illogical it is. Shame on you for not jumping on the Blu-ray fan boat, and worrying about your drive's life.

Don't you know your Drive is supposed to be for Movie watching first and gaming second.

I'd swear you had lost your mind being an honest playstation fan, you'd best go into hiding, I fear for your safety!

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marcellizot4137d ago

Anyone else here fancy boycotting the debate about BR vs HD DVD? An out and out ban on pointless threads like this one would make N4G a better place.

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