Nintendo DS Browser Footage

This video demonstrates some different uses of the Opera browser. It's pretty impressive how the two screens work together.

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dikturbo6279d ago

OK that's awesome. Opera rules and the DS brought Nintendo back to the front of the bus.

Gettin' one as soon as they are in english.


Dylan and Cole Sprouse filming a new Pokémon commercial

Dylan and Cole Sprouse, also known as the Sprouse Brothers, were recently filming a new commercial for Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. In them, they will encourage kids to exercise using the unique Pokéwalker device that comes with the game.

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MyDS: Nintendo DSi Browser

MyDS writes: "The original Opera DS Browser was underwhelming to say the least. Charged at the same price as a full DS game, it had slow low times and made surfing the net on your DS almost impossible. Thankfully, the free DSi Browser has been improved on several fronts, namely the speed."


Nintendo Has No Plans For DSI Skype

The PSP has voice-over-IP software Skype, and hey, Skype is technically possible for the DSi. That doesn't mean because it's possible that the DSi is getting Skype.

Capt CHAOS5270d ago

I mean, would Nintendo actually want us to do something 'useful' with their DSI? This is why I have much more faith on the PSP, but you do need a hacked one to do all the really interesting stuff with..

FreestyleBarnacle5270d ago

Useful you can have, so long as Ninty can make money out of it. Otherwise you're out of luck.