Pelican Air Flo 360 Review

Everyone knows the Xbox 360 has a bit of a heating problem that can result in consoles kicking the bucket rather prematurely. Since launch we've seen numerous add-on cooling systems come to market, like Pelican's The Cooler and Nyko's Intercooler 360.

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Excalibur4140d ago

And I love it.
I've had the Nyko fan on since day one but in my opinion the Pelican is a much better product.

whengeeksgobad4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

I ditched my Nyko fan due to the problems people were reporting on the internet. This particular product looks better in every way, and I will be picking one of these up. I wish they were as easy to find as the Nyko offering. These are a bit scarce unless purchasing online.

Excalibur4140d ago

At E.B. Games/Gamestop after having no luck at Wally World or Target.

sumfood4u4140d ago

I mean inside the system it's self!

crazyman4140d ago

may seem a stupid question and I know the answer but can you have more than 1 video connection connected at the same time I.E compenent and VGA

Norad64140d ago

no you have to switch to which one you are using.

crazyman4140d ago

thats what i suspected, thanks