Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Graphics "Inferior to PS3?

Players given the opportunity to playtest the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Final Fantasy XIII side-by-side have been reporting the in-game graphics of the Xbox 360 version are noticeably inferior to those of the PS3.

Square Enix's marketing activities, in the form of a touring bus, have given US fans the chance to play both:

From a real person:

I went to the Sunnyvale one today and got to play the 360 version. I am so very disappointed to see the difference in textures and detail of the 360 version vs. the PS3. =( I know it's DVD vs. BD, but I didn't think it would be that noticeable. My boyfriend told me it's fine if I wanna stick with the 360 version, but he's going for the PS3 one now.
From a game journalist:

Both PS3s and 360s were being used to show off the game, which was great as I was able to see both versions running side-by-side. As expected, the 360 version was noticeably less crisp than its PS3 counterpart, but it still ran......

NSFW: WARNING, the link contains adult contents!!!

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4pocalyps35289d ago

Thought it was just the sound that was getting compressed? Doesn't matter to me since I'll be getting PS3 version. But glad it does look good though.

SOAD5289d ago

I think SE should have spread the game out on more discs for 360. That way, the game would have not been restricted on PS3 and both could have had comparable audio and video.

Next gen, Microsoft, you need to find a solution to this optical drive medium dilemma. I know why MS didn't want to use Blu-Ray. They don't want to pay Sony 60 bucks for every Blu-Ray drive. That's what I heard.

morganfell5289d ago (Edited 5289d ago )

Look at Rage. Microsoft is refusing to pay for a 3rd disk. You can't just say, "Put out more disks." Someone has to bear the cost.

Remember, Microsoft's goal was not to have an equal version but rather they only cared to prevent a Sony exclusive.

If they really cared about gamers the 360 would have shipped on day one with an internal HD DVD drive, an internal HDD, and no RROD.

Pistolero5289d ago

This is bullcrap...it is talking about the same girl that the other article we had was talking about...it was originally from neogaf...sorry, this isn't reliable...I'll wait for the games to be released and see what reviewers and technical comparisons have to say.

DatNJDom815288d ago

about the 360 being able to handle PS3 games? It looks noticeably worse even after it was gimped. Sigh. When are you guys going to wake up?

vhero5288d ago

No doubt though Gametrailers will somehow show a superior looking 360 version though.

teh cells lost brain5288d ago

I really didnt need an article like this to know that the ps3 version will be better...... compression effects quality, plain and simple. ps3 version is one disk no compression...that means its gunna be exactly identical to the finished product on square enix hdd, un touched or changed or modified , then you look at the 360 version which is a highly compressed version of the original. we all knew from the start the ps3 version would be better. i dont know why xbox 360 owners are now just recently trying to say its the other way around....its not like its gunna be insanely better or anything. and to answer the loading times for the ps3 being longer, the switching of the disks probably takes longer. or the same amount of time......to be honest even if this is pro sony id rather see more articles with info on upcoming titles like this isnt news this are blog posts. no jornalism and facts in sight. just opinions..... i wanna see inside scoop on agent, or gt5 or resistance 3 and what not. i dont wanna see anymore flame bait on both sides......

Consoldtobots5288d ago

bu bu bu bu we gotz "lossless konmpression"...lol

silly kids.

Millah5288d ago (Edited 5288d ago )

God damn I really wish that MS either would have included a next-gen format, be it Blu-ray or HDDVD it really didn't matter, I just wish developers didn't have to worry about limitations so ridiculous as storage capacity.

bnaked5288d ago (Edited 5288d ago )

FF13 and FFvs13 will be the ultimative proof, that the PS3 is superior to the 360. Because these games are running on the same engine and FFvs13 will FF13 blow out of the water..

Sony knows that ;-)

PopEmUp5288d ago

look at that box, I gotta get one of those /s

Immortal3215288d ago

It only seem like MS wants quantity instead of quality. If you ask anyone outside the web world, "what system they believe is better?" they say the xbox360 because, it have more games.

Silver3605288d ago

Not the game play that looks inferior, in game graphics look the same it says so in the article.

sikbeta5288d ago (Edited 5288d ago )

This is not important, the Real Comparison will be made When FFvs13 comes out

That day we'll see how Further SE can Go making the Game

SPACEBALL 15288d ago

prolly going to get ps3 version... Final Fantasy belongs on the playstation.

lowcarb5288d ago

As someone mentioned above it only makes since for the cutscenes to look better on bluray. The gameplay is were the trade off will be and if the 360 version looks better I'm sure we will see more cry's from the ps3 fanboy crowd.I really hope they take advantage of the 360 and we don't end up with a PS3 looking game. 360 fans demand excellence and I'm sure square will deliver. Personally I wouldn't trust any Sony fanboys opinion on which game has the best graphics. Anyways I simply can't wait to pick it up on 360 come release.

Pika-pie5288d ago

Its always the case where one console has the lead platform and the other is a port.

360 fans are just going to have to suck it up just as PS3 fans have on many occassions.

HardcoreGamer5288d ago