UK Wiimotes to get colour in their cheeks?

White not for you? Well, hold on two ticks, looks like new colourful Wii remotes, if not Wiis themselves, might be on the way

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Diselage4140d ago

A black one would be pretty cool, wonder how long it will take before they're released in the US.

ITR4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

Black will come with the new Wii this fall.

Nintendo should make a Pink Wii as well.
Pink and black sell...just look at the DSL.

eepiccolo4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

I don't think there'll be a pink Wii. That sells well for a system that is for one person, but for a system that is shared with the household it might not do to good.

Also, they're going to need to actually start meeting the current demand before introducing new colors. Implementing new color Wiis would slow down production. However, perhaps they will instead just start making different color Wii remotes.

Marceles4140d ago

That blue wiimote is dope.

Ichabod134140d ago

would look nice with the new pink geltabz :P