Heavy Rain Requires HDD Install

Looking to purchase Heavy Rain? You might want to save an extra 4.5GB of space in your hard drive as the game will REQUIRE you to install the game's data in order to proceed.

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4381d ago
Jamegohanssj54381d ago

ROFL! Bungie you never cease to amaze me. Gtfo.


lukeb4dunk4381d ago

well you can get a nice 500gb HDD on newegg for $90.00.

Now how much does it cost for just a 120gb 360 HDD again?

Jamegohanssj54381d ago

Thanks for that link because I really need that. I only have 5 gigs left on my original 60gb.


Bungie4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

thanx lukeb4dunk for the link
i'll get one soon

as for your question ... i don't know how much does it cost for just a 120gb 360 HDD

i don't install my games on the 360

thanx again for the link

Karum4381d ago

I install any game I'm playing on my 360.

Machine runs quieter and cooler that way and prolongs the disc drive's life.

Silly not to install them if you have the option imo, if you have a HDD that is.

MazzingerZ4381d ago

...and the problem is? or is it good news?

They make it sound as if you had to install the game on a Wii or a X360 to be able to play it on the PS3 LOL.

the only people that don't care about the install are PS3 owners

IdleLeeSiuLung4381d ago

Xbox 360 is so cheap now that you can just buy another 360 if the drive gets worn out instead of paying a lot for the storage space just to install.

However, I upgraded to the Elite and must say the extra space is nice! The machine runs quieter too, but wish MS would have stuck with the quieter fans. Some of the earlier machines were super quiet. Now they all use the DC brushless fans that is way noisy!!!

Tanny922254381d ago

i would get a bigger hdd for my ps3 some games like KZ2 don't let you transfer the saves =(

Elven64381d ago

Installs aren't that bad, I admit that at first waiting for the install to finish is a bit hard since when you get a new game the excitement usually takes over. But after the install is done you can enjoy the game all you want with added benefits.

If it comes to mandatory installs I do, if they are optional I only do them if the game has technical issues such as pop in, framerate, long loading, etc.

4381d ago
Blaze9294381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

whaaaat? No one is calling Quantic Dream a bad studio who doesn't know how to develop properly on the PS3? That IS surprising.

But if it were some multi-platform developer then everyone will bring Naughty Dog and Guerrilla Games out there ass and bash that studio for requiring an install saying they no nothing about developing on the PS3.

Oh the irony.


Anyway, I'm just glad I bought my 320GB early on before I got a lot of games on my PS3. Only game I was REALLY pissed about was Killzone 2 when I did the transfer becuase that one didnt back up due to the protection on the save file. Why do they even put protections on save files for some PS3 games? Trophies? It's so silly. Just glad I won't have to loose any more saves - 320GB should be more than enough...although I wish I wouldve just went for that 500GB.

DarkTower8054381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

No biggy.

Eamon4381d ago

People, Bungie is a troll.

Stop feeding him. He has no life.

saint_john_paul_ii4381d ago

this is the same HDD that I bought off of Newegg for my PS3 for that same price. I recommend anyone who has an old 60gb PS3 to upgrade their HDD to 500GB. it is F**ing Awesome!!!

Redempteur4381d ago


but how do you kill something that has no life ??

anyway any serious gamer , i have enough space on my PS3 HD

4.5gb ? so what ..i'll try to leanr how to make an origami ! then

as long as the loading are minimal and that there is no problems IN GAME

WildArmed4381d ago

well thats ok.
I only have 240Gbs left..

Can't wait for HR :D

GVON4381d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

Not surprised and was expecting it.

There is a lot data in this,something like 2000 pages of dialogue,3 CGI movies worth of mocap,supposedly every thing in the game is 3d,so no 2d buttons on a keyboard,every object within something is fully modelled,so the disk will be packed full,and that's at least,25gb.

I've never had issues with instalations,been PC gaming for long enough.only one I had slight issues was with HL2,you installed and then download from steam,but I didn't have broadband connection in them days,otherwise it was nothing.

lightningsax4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

Yeah. That's what's good about the PS3; I've got a 320GB hard drive that's lasted me a while in there for cheap. It looks at the Heavy Rain requirement and has a nice belly laugh.

@Luke4 - That's the one I've got! It's just smaller since it's an older model. And it was 70 bones.

Anon19744380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

I'm so shocked!

Oh, wait a minute. No I'm not. The reason the PS3 has a harddrive is for storage, and for developers to have another tool at their disposal to help make their games great. So far the results speak for themselves.

I'll never figure out why this is suddenly an issue with the PS3. I don't remember people moaning when the Xbox had installs. Quite frankly I always thought it was a step backward when they took that ability away from the 360, and ultimately it looks like Microsoft even admitted that fact themselves because they added that feature on later.

Way to sensationalize nothing. Does anyone ever criticize when a PC game has a HD install?

Edit: @ Tanny92225. Just use the backup utility in the system menu. I upgraded my 60GB to 250GB for $50 and my Killzone2 saves worked just fine. Backup to a USB drive, install new drive, restore backup. Done.

sikbeta4380d ago

No PAL, is not necessary, Heavy Rain is PS3 EXCLUSIVE



SO? is there people whining about HHD installs?

lol who cares hen you know the Game will be Awesome...

vickers5004380d ago

As long as it's not like Metal Gear Solid 4's install system, it's fine. I wouldn't have even minded MGS4's install times if it would have actually STAYED ON THE F*CKING HARD DRIVE even after you have completed it, so you don't have to install it again if you want to play it again. Hell, it would have even been preferable to add on some extra time to the already long ass introductory install rather than install before every chapter.

They didn't think that one through. Hopefully QD does not make that idiotic mistake. I don't care about the space, I bought a 400gb a long time ago, but it pisses me off to have to install mgs4 every time as if it were some sort of mandatory gameplay mechanic.

jaysquared4380d ago

Whoever developed this game is a bunch of idiots who doesn't know how to unleash the power of the cell! Can't believe that this is a first party game and requires an installation.. I'm guessing Sony didn't help these developers at all.. What a bunch of idiots! Probably going to be a stupid game as well since it was a bunch of stupid people who developed it..

skip2mylou4380d ago

OH CRAP!!!!!
Bungie still doesnt have a life
all well might as well keep on ignoring him

ThanatosDMC4380d ago

As long as they dont make the install as long as HAWX which took way longer than installing DMC4.

SPACEBALL 14380d ago

why everytime a ps3 game comes out we have to see an article on whether or not it requires an hdd install... who cares?????? im gonna play the game either way.

xabmol4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

Huh? Huh? (it had to be said) x]

Well, looks like I need to delete the 3rd season of Dexter off my PS3. Nothing to cry about. I can still keep season 4 on there, along with my music, games, and dlc. (60gig)

DMason4380d ago

Dont care. I just upgraded to a 160gb hdd and have plenty of space. If it makes the game run smoother, than so be it. This game is going to rock, installing it is no big deal at all.

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Commander TK4381d ago

multiple discs. That's one of the main reasons why I love Blu-Ray.

Homicide4381d ago

So you like waiting 10-20 minutes before you play the game?

kewlkat0074381d ago

You can even grab a sandwich while your at it....

How Kewl is that.

lukeb4dunk4381d ago

no, not really. So I have to wait an extra 10-20 minutes after I get home with the game, big deal. Seriously, do people really need to nit pick this much against their rival console?

Karum4381d ago

You're installing part of a game, not installing an OS from scratch on a poor spec PC.

agent0274381d ago

Oh noes, I can't wait 10-20 minutes! Whatever shall I do?!

bjornbear4381d ago

I like waiting. What's your point?

IdleLeeSiuLung4381d ago

Sony real meant it when they said you need a hard drive. Just about any game released requires a hard drive and my poor 40GB MGS4 LE console is soon out of space.

I have the choice of:

a) upgrade the hard drive


b) wait 10-20 minutes when I want to play a game not installed

MazzingerZ4381d ago

20 minutes takes on the X360, on the PS3 are 5 minutes as you install only certain key data, on the X360 I think you copy the whole thing.

Madeline124381d ago

Quote from the news link:
"There are twelve steps to make it and I am sure by the time you are done making your origami, the installation will be done. (It only took me five minutes to install!)"

5 minutes to install

nuff said

ukilnme4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

@ MazzingerZ

I see your point, but how many of the 360 installs are mandatory?

Edit: Not that this install bothers me at all. I can do other things while I wait on it. I'll be renting it first and I'll buy it if I like it.

WildArmed4381d ago

The last game that took 20mins was RE5.
And before that it was DMC4.

Most games now take around 3-8mins..
for example inFAMOUS..

Anywayz, I rather just wait once.. then not have to worry about it later.

Considering the fact I pick up my games after i get home from college, so i pop them in to install/update always (for 360 too)while i go take a shower.
I rather save time overall.

But, if it makes people feel betteer..
BOHO HR has an install.. it's going to be a crappy game coz of it /s

mastiffchild4380d ago

Multiple discs are just more discs to scratch, imo, that's the only real drawback(unless the swapping is done stupidly like, IIRC, SO4 was on the 360!)and as I have kids and DVDs are easily killed it's a pertinent worry even if it's not the end of the world. Would be a pi55er if you played for a load of hours and then couldn't finish because disc three won't load though.

Whatever, if there were no 360s without HDDs we'd see mandatory installs on that platform as well as we do on PS3 and PC-and the benefit would be games like Rage not being cut down in size due to multi disc royalties and games like HR using them as the best way to deliver their data heavy games to us without increasing in game load times because they can cache info to HDD rather than slowly(or at least more slowly)having to get it over and over from the disc. I install EVERY game I can on my 360 to improve performance but mainly to protect a console that, in my experience, has been mightily fragile in the past.

So, this story isn't worth clicking, noting or taking seriously. Don't they understand just how much CGI, for one thing, there is on the HR BluRay? Honestly, no need for any moaning as it's the exac reason Sny made HDD so easy to swap out for PS3 owners. It gives devs a way out if they need it(whether through necessity or laziness I don't care at all if it improves my experience for the price of my console having something to do while I make a nice brew, fix some of my special gaming supporting Ready Brek(chemical porridge my missus calls it and one bowl will keep you gaming for days)or a nice, civilised cucumber sandwich and some Pimms, nice.

Can't understand what the issue is here at all. How impatient are we? It's partially the same thing as why I despise cross game voice chat:we don't seem capable of waiting five minutes to do ANYTHING these days! No matter that talkinhg to people playing other games has completely screwed TF2 on 360 for me by distracting people all the damn time(not to mention the cheating it enables)-no matter as long as we can do it NOW!! I know life's short but when did it get THIS short? Too short for swapping dics, too short to wait five bloody minutes before telling me all the crap your GF is giving you over how much you game(seriously, that's ALWAYS the conversation people want to have with me on XGC! Am I a fekkin agony aunt? Well, am I?)and definitely WAY too short to set your console of installing something for a litle while while you can do something else-like gabbing to some poor sod about how YOUR GF is giving you crap about.... Yeh, too damn short for any of these massive time sinks.

What WOULD we gamers have done in the past when, y'know, things took a little time? Jesus, i remember trying to load(with "trying" being the important bit of all this)games off casettes to Speccy and C64! It could tahe you hours of retries just to get Manic Miner working OK-and there was no nipping off anywhere for food or a pee as it could die at any second AND made you put up with some of the most annoying noise ever heard by man. And, yes, that includes Streisand acting badly too.

GVON4380d ago

" Jesus, i remember trying to load(with "trying" being the important bit of all this)games off casettes to Speccy and C64! It could tahe you hours of retries just to get Manic Miner working OK-and there was no nipping off anywhere for food or a pee as it could die at any second AND made you put up with some of the most annoying noise ever heard by man. "

Ahhhh,those were the days.
I had this pack with loads of games on it,and the first game was ghostbusters (i loved that) and the second was FA cup.The stress of loading that,lol,it only ever worked once,and it bugged out and put me into the second half of the final.Within minutes it died and it never loaded again,but even now I recall the joy I felt that it bugged out,worked,then crashed :)

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LittleBigSackBoy4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

Good, I like installing my games. Keeps the console alive for longer.


Well, play a game that doesn't install (Like Fifa or Demon's Souls) The Blu-Ray drive will be constantly reading the disc, and the PS3 will getting hotter...Basically, it's just more work for the PS3. Read up on the 360's optional install. I'm guessing it's the same thing, only the 360 installs the whole game. It's not so bad when playing KZ2 or Uncharted 1/2 because they have cache's...Demon's Souls caches each stage but quite badly, it finishes when you've already done the stage. Takes way too long.

Just a guess anyway...

Jamegohanssj54381d ago

How is that? I never knew what the installations were for to be honest. I just did them : v ).


Diffusion4381d ago

@Homicide Sure, I don't care as long as that game I wait to install is going to be amazing - and that time waiting will be made up by playing the first chapter. Besides did you actually read the article - it said 5 minutes not 20. Plus they show an origami tut HOW AWESOME! Install time will fly. The install also means it is a big game, I like big game!

Homicide4381d ago

"The install also means it is a big game, I like big game!"

Not really. Just look at MGS4. It has a near 5GB install, and there are installs after each chapter. But there's only 4 hours of gameplay in the single player.

WildArmed4381d ago


Yet those 4 hours of gameplay were equal to 60+ hours of any other I've played.
And I am not exaggerating on it.

*salutes Snake*
Thank you Kojima for the fanwork.

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bilbobob4381d ago

see another attempt to bring this good looking game down. Who cares if its 4.5gb. Thats pretty small compared to some p.c games.

Oh sorry I forgot your not allowed to compare consoles and p.c's on here.

MightyMark4274381d ago

how is this article trying to bring the game down? :o Its like an article to let the readers know what they should expect...

Arnon4380d ago

You sort of need to factor in a couple things when comparing console installs to PC installs, such as:

1. Desktop HDDs are about half the price of notebook HDDs.

2. Installing a game on the PC installs everything. Not to mention you can mount it and play it straight from your computer without ever having to put in a disc. Also, installing a game on a PC takes about half the time as installing a game on the PS3 depending on size. A 10 GB install that may take 20 minutes on the PS3 could take 8-11 minutes, or even less on the PC.

Bungie4381d ago

PS3 - It Only Does mandatory installs

Light Yagami4381d ago

lulz. Sony fails on making a home console.

agent0274381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

Get a life retard.

At least PS3 fans can buy any harddrive for their system without worrying about Microsoft issued harddrives being shoved up their asses.

And Light Yagami, does Microsoft know how to make a console? What about the RROD I keep hearing about?

Shut the f*ck up bots and wait for your Gaylo. It's a shame that Microfail can't even come up with new IPs these days. What happened to Mass Effect 2. I thought that was your AAA game?


CernaML4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

Good thing I bought a 500GB HDD that was much cheaper than those overpriced and tiny 120GB HDDs for the 360. lol

Oh, and every 360 game might as well be installed into your HDD since running off the disc sounds like it'll make your 360 take off and explode in the air. lol

Sigh4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

the xbots can spend as much money as they want on ridiculous prices that M$ puts out. They reflect M$ trivial decisions on things, like spending 50 million for just GTAIV DLC = bots spending an enormous amount for HDD's. Let them be stupid.

4381d ago
CernaML4381d ago

It's like 360 fanboys are the only ones being bothered by installations. Keep it up, Sony! It's funny seeing them cry about things they shouldn't even care about! Hahahaha.

BYE4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )


Wow, it must have took you a lot of time to gather this information.

For what? LOL

bennyace4380d ago

It's like PS3 fanboys are the only ones being bothered by multidiscs games. Keep it up, MS! It's funny seeing them cry about things they shouldn't even care about! Hahahaha.

I'd take a multidiscs game before having to wait for about 1 hour 1/2 worth of install like in MGS4.

MegadethAndy4380d ago

Didn't the old 360 arcade models require a new memory card just to install the new os firmware?. At least we can buy a hdd cheaper than your wirless adaptors.
PC have been installing games for ever. While it can be a pain sometimes when you just wanna play (MGS4), its just a small sacrifice for a high quality game.


This proves that the ps3 is a next generation console!


CernaML4379d ago

lol MGS4 is the ONLY game to do that. I also find it hilarious that the game even made fun of multi disc games.

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