Law and Order pulled from shelves

Legacy Interactive's Law and Order: Double or Nothing is being withdrawn from sale in the UK after it emerged that the game featured footage of the murdered toddler James Bulger. The game, released in 2003, features a still of CCTV footage of Bulger being abducted on a bulletin board. The discovery of the image prompted Bulger's mother, Denise Fergus, to write to Legacy to demand that the game be withdrawn.

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BlackCountryBob4140d ago

It is something in bad taste and should not have ever been in a game but to me the most striking thing is that the game was released in 2003! This news just fits into the hype around games being bad which emerged yesterday with manhunt 2.

RedSeven4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

Yeah, it seems like since the Resistance issue. Every other game is now illegal. What's next? Super Mario is going to be banned because of the way it portrays italians? Pac-Man will be banned because it teaches young children it is ok to eat pellets off of the ground? WHAT IS NEXT I ASK YOU!!

EDIT: Thank you for the grammar corrections.

SwiderMan4140d ago

No, you're going to be banned for the way you spelt Italians :P

yocdub4140d ago

Maybe you'll get banned for spelling "Spelled" (spelt)!!!!! HA!

emptiness4140d ago

well, if it was a misspelling...SPELT is a word, it's the past tense and a past participle of spell...

PS360WII4140d ago

I alwys got confusd wit ths partcular subjct. Ths is a gamin forum not a speellin grammer schol. Right?

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emptiness4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

i think it just took them this long for the complaint to go thru and for them to actually take action on it. but yes it does help that other games are getting hit with similar complaints (by similar i mean complaints of being disrespectful, insensitive, and inconsiderate...either way it doesn't matter, the problem is that developers are losing their respect because they have none for others...

the game dev community is really starting to make me sick, especially take-two and rockstar...

PS360WII4140d ago

wow so the rating system that they just appladed for doing such a great job on Manhunt 2 found out it's not that great. I come to this conclusion seeing that this game was released in 03 and they just now found the problem. They get one clap from me


SimmoUK4140d ago

A game with footage of a little kid being abducted is really tasteless, who in there right mind thought yeah that will be acceptable. This is real footage of a little girl being kidnapped. My mind boggles and the games industry should be careful to not tarnish it's image...

The whole resistance thing is rediculous as we have all discussed before in my oppinion it's fine because it's based on fiction and doesn't use real images...

But developers and producers have got to be more careful not to bring everyone down with them...

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The story is too old to be commented.