Sonic Rivals 2 confirmed with high-res screenshots

Sega announced today that Sonic and his speedy rivals will return to PSP this fall in Sonic Rivals 2. This sequel to Sonic's first 2D action platformer on the handheld, which is also exclusive to PSP, features a revamped rival "jostling" gameplay system for tighter head-to-head competition.

See the first four detailed screenshots after the break.

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closedxxx4138d ago

Sonic is a great franchise for handhelds. Not too in-depth, and you don't need to mash your face up to the screen to see into the distance the way you do with shooters on handhelds.

I love SONIC.
He's the reason I bought a GENESIS... Probably one of the most exciting video game memories I have form childhood.
Man that game was fast.
Never seen anything like it before then.

RedSeven4138d ago

Hopefully this new Sonic is not crap like the last 47 versions.

closedxxx4138d ago

the last 48 if you count the multi-game edition they released

SwiderMan4138d ago

From what I played, Sonic Rivals 1 wasn't terrible, so an improved sequel should be good. Whereas those 47/48 crap games focused on adventure, Rivals focuses on high-speed racing gameplay, which is what a Sonic game SHOULD focus on.

MK_Red4138d ago

Original Rivals wasn't that bad, I hope they put some real effort in the making of this one. Kool shots.

CrazzyMan4138d ago

that would be the best what they could do. =]
interesting, is psp would be so powerful to hold such graphics... :)