Gears of War brought to life by Nightmare Armor Studios

The July issue of OXM contains an article about Nightmare Armor Studios, a costume design studio described as a "cosplay commune." To show their appreciation for Epic's Gears of War, they built Delta Squad, complete with full suits of armor and bloody Lancers. And to top it off, they took a road trip to Epic's studio to surprise Cliffy B and the team.

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Excalibur4191d ago

Looking forward to the movie.

Diselage4191d ago

Hopefully the movie will explain more than the game, which would be a first in a video game/movie relationship i know.

PS360PCROCKS4191d ago

^^^didn't know this had anything to do with the movie but those are some pretty bad ass looking costumes...I'd definitely wear one for Halloween.

nobizlikesnowbiz4191d ago

Haha. GoW halloween costumes. I call Carmine.

unholyxi4191d ago

thats dope man i would like 1 for halloween i call cole train? wait a min were is that guy oh never mind i call barid ne ways carmine loks cool 2

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