Were the BBFC right to refuse to classify Manhunt 2?

The staff of Wii UK offer their opinions on the BBFC's recent decision to refuse to classify Manhunt 2 in the UK, thereby preventing it's sale.

"The BBFC are, despite what some quarters of the internet community seem to be expounding, not some kind of facist censorship organisation. Certainly in the past it could be a rgued that their role was far more politically motivated than it is now: socialist films such as the seminal 'Battleship Potemkin' were refused classification..."

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sandip7874164d ago

hell no, they weren't right to refuse to classify. they had a just view that it is a game completely unsuitable for youth to play, i think everyone can agree with that. but this didnt mean a ban. i mean we keep kids away from buying porn, guns, etc from shops (not talking about the internet), so whats wrong with doing the same with certain games?

XxZxX4164d ago

films and games are different. You can only watch in films but you are doing it in games.

ItsDubC4164d ago

I think that the BBFC refusing to classify Manhunt 2 shows that the classification system is insufficient and incapable of providing ratings for any game released, regardless of content.

emptiness4164d ago

well, it may not be "right" but it definately isn't wrong...they did what they were supposed to do...granted the rating systems are in need of an overhaul...