SCE Canada Contest: Win a Red PS3 Limited Edition

The canadian website for the PLAYSTATION recently opened and many contests already rolled out. Right now, you could get a chance to win one of the three "Red China" PS3. The contest is open until July 15th and is available to Canadian customers only.

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Bill Gates4141d ago

I'd love to get my hands on a blood red PS3.

THWIP4141d ago that's the color Sony is seeing in their financial reports. ;)

beast4141d ago

And sure the rings of death problem is FIXED yeah sure ..i mean it really...

sandip7874141d ago

well, you and many other fanboys have 2 red rings. the red ring on your console, and the red ring microsoft gave you for buying their console!!!

Shadow Flare4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

the red and white ps3's look so good

[edit] THWIP

thats hilarious John Merrick. Coincidently red also suits the 360 really well since thats what colour 9/10 customers see on their 360's ring

THWIP4141d ago

Yeah, whatever. We both know if it was anywhere near even HALF, there'd already be a government investigation underway, as well as a multi-billion $$ class-action lawsuit. With the redesign, the "red ring" will soon be a thing of the past anyway, so it's a dead issue.

And for the record, my launch 360 is still working flawless, quiet, and cool as a cucumber. A meager $10 investment in 2 quality external fans (originally used with my old XBOX), for active airflow (necessary for my setup, since the 360 is inside an enclosure), is all it takes. ;)

Kleptic4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

a thing of the past?...and that doesn't anger you, an obvious 360 owner, at all?

So what about the 10 million plus 360s out right now, one of which you own? When MS starts rolling out "fixed" redesigned 360s...and does nothing to help the current base (which will still keep popping), you think they are going to help them out after warranty expirations? They sure don't now...why would they change...

Its really funny how when this issue gets brought up (which you completely walked right is your fault this is even being discussed in a thread that has nothing to do with it), most 360 owners act like its no big deal, and point out that MS is doing their best to prevent this for FUTURE OWNERS...they have not once admitted to it being an issue, and have all kinds of customer support problems going on with current owners...

They keep crapping right in your mouth...and even when a little crap rolls off your chin and onto the guys scoop it right it, to make sure you didn't miss any crap consumption...Then come into the discussions not at all related to your system and vomit the crap onto us...We didn't eat it in the first place...keep it away from us...

Don't be takin' my bubbles either people (or please someone give me them back)...the day I go into the 360 section and make stupid posts to make little digs...take my bubbles so I can't post as much...but I am hardly a fanboy by simply calling out ignorant posts by ignorant a relevant section...

BBsin4141d ago

that must mean theres an invisible xbox360 somewhere since it's still non existent in japan even with all that effort and with MS still not making a penny worth of profit through their whole console venture. otherthan that sony's financial status fine.... the camcorder,movie, and tv sales stabilizes the losses through the PS3. The stock prices has risen more than 10 percent since the ps3's launch. shows how much you know.....

JUSTaGAME4141d ago

Developers must not think the Xbox360 hardware failure is a big issue, because they keep jumping from the SONY ship and right into the Microsoft life raft! LOL

fenderputty4141d ago

bash the PS3 for having to buy an HDMI cable yet the 360 owners have to buy a fan to keep it from breaking.

BBsin4141d ago

JustaGame. last I checked most developers still develop games for the Ps3. Most games happen to be multiplatform, you talk as if Ps3 owners are not getting the games at all. And the developers can careless about rings of death. As long as the MS fanboys are stupid enough to buy 2-3 systems to replace their first system. they won't care. If my 360 ever pulls a ring of death on me, I'm not getting another till it's less than $250. Why are you fanboys in here anyways?. this topic has nothing to do with the 360 but some idiot fanboy trolls in (as usual) and posts a false smartass joke. this topic changed from "red ps3" to flamewar. seriously get a life fanboys and stop obsessing with the ps3. If the 360 is as good as you say it is then you should be playing it, instead of talking sh!t about a red colored Ps3.

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ben hates you4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

the 360 i seen not to long ago that would be a good match

@adriokor not flaming i just like simpsons.. be good to have both

Adriokor4141d ago

I hope I win :D

On a side note why are xbox owners coming here to flame? Don t ya all have games to play?

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