Analyze This: Does Microsoft Need Japan to Make the Xbox 360 a Hit?

Mike Wolf, ABI Research: "For all the talk of supporting the Japanese market with relevant titles, the [Xbox 360] launch list -- and even today -- shows a dearth of titles that will entice the Japanese game player. Ninety-Nine Nights and Final Fantasy XI are a start, but what they need are some exclusive must-haves that would drive the Japanese consumer to the console."

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pRo loGic II6519d ago

I see they like ChromeHounds a lot. That games tough.

shotty6519d ago

I don't know about you guy but I have met a lot of gamers from Japan. I meet them alot on PDZ and Battlefield 2. Also what microsoft wants are japanese developers who they are getting like Capcom, Konami, Square Enix, Team ninja, phantagram and etc. They have them now we just need to wait a few years for these games to be made. We have Lost planet which is a beautiful game being released early next year and we have a few right now.

Marriot VP6519d ago

haven't we been through this enough, MS DOESN'T NEED JAPAN TO WIN.

Dick Jones6519d ago

More unit sales in Japan = More Jananese Developer support and Exclusive titles. Which in turn not only = More sales in Japan but all over the rest of the world becuase alot of people with a PS2 want a PS3 for those Japanese games, espescially JRPG's.

Marriot VP6519d ago

ohh yah, that's what I've always said. That our presence in Japan is only for their unique developers to appeal to Japanese game fanbase in america and europe.

Trust me I was just making a point with the we don't need them statement.

gamerof3606518d ago

i think they DONT NEED to get Japan into the xbox360 but i think they should try a good deal to get it..but its not the biggest deal

bernie6519d ago (Edited 6519d ago )

Japan is not the huge games mecca it once was, back in the 80's you needed Japan to survive (not any more). I love Japanese titles but I think even the Asian developers realise they need to make worldwide games, rather than just homegrown interest.