Feature: Gaming? Expensive? Whatever!

Some gamers live to complain about the price of their favorite hobby. "The PlayStation 3 costs too much. Microsoft robs us with its microtransactions. Nintendo overcharges for its Virtual Console games."

They need to get over it.

Gaming has never been cheaper. Sure, some Electronic Arts games cost upwards of $100 with Xbox Live downloads, and yeah, Nintendo deserves a kick in its corporate crotch for charging $5 for Super Mario Bros., but with constant sales, free games (read emulators) and tons of features packed into each console and PC. It could be a lot worse though, as in 15 years ago worse. Let's examine what gamers enjoy today, as opposed to what they enjoyed back in the day. Finally, we'll consider inflation and see what those old systems would probably cost today.

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snoop_dizzle4139d ago

thats the cheap part.

Think how much you will be spending on games.

FordGTGuy4139d ago

But they forget that its your choice whether or not to buy it. I think if Microsoft would incorporate a review/rating system for all the DLC on the Xbox Live Marketplace it would help tremendously.