WipEout Heading to PS3

Tony Buckley has let the news slip that a PS3 version of WipEout is in the workd with an announcement coming in August.

Start the hype machine and get it rolling full steam ahead because a next-gen WipeEout is on the way with an official announcement on the title coming in August. Bukcly stated that WieEout in HD is going to be "stoking" if you want to keep it in his terms. The pick up and play nature is expected to make it a blockbuster game on the PlayStation Network which should look and run absolutely spectacular.

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Loopy4139d ago

I know that girls turn me on. :D

Loopy4139d ago

A secretary really tightly dressed, with dentelle bras holding nice rounded breast and a sexy ultra-mini-skirt showing how beautiful her legs are, gets called by her boss in his office.
As she gets in the office, her boss asks, showing her ass: "Is THIS for sale?"
The secretary furiously answers: "Of course not!"
The boss, unfazed, responds : "Then stop advertising it".

(don't kill me bubbos :)

sandip7874139d ago

woah have i missed something here?

SmokeyMcBear4139d ago

haha, the true colors of the xbot come out

Phantom_Lee4139d ago

no need to flame the guy, maybe he never really heard about it

Why o why4139d ago

maybe he is younger than us. but yes he is a fanboy but again maybe he wasnt around in the days of the ps1

Bullseye4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

confused the hell out of me,but a wipeout game on the PS3 in glorious HD,if any good,would convince me to buy a PS3 without hestitation even at the current price.Wipeout for me is in the same league as Halo, in terms of gameplay and enjoyment.I'd just like to point out that wipeout doesn't have the Japanese slant that usually puts me off the PS3 and its software.

Why o why4139d ago

i crave a japanese slant to games. i believe most of the best games over the past 2 decades came from east asia. you are an interesting person

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The story is too old to be commented.