A History Of Virtual Violence says that videogamers like pushing buttons--both the kinds on their joysticks and the ones that set off political firestorms. After the Virginia Tech shootings in April, it took just one month for Ryan Lambourn to create "V-Tech Rampage," an online game that puts players in the shoes of Cho Seung-Hui, the deranged killer. To pass each of the game's three levels, players evade the cops and deliver messages to the media while massacring as many screaming students as possible.

Find that disturbing? So did lawmakers in Australia and New York, who called for a boycott of the game. The host of Lambourn's Web site soon banned his account. But Lambourn, a 21-year-old Australian, has since found a new online home for his creation, and the game continues to draw a steady stream of traffic--about three thousand views a day, he says.

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Diselage4139d ago

if forbes says it then it must be true right?

emptiness4138d ago

i can't believe the disrespect and cruelty of some people...i seriously hope Ledonne and Lambourn realize how insensitive and inconsiderate they have been and change their outlook on life to include compassion and respect for others...

MK_Red4138d ago

It all comes to Mortal Kombat, creation of true game violence and ESRB. Oh how I love original MK1 and MK2.