Blu-ray Plus: BD+ Goes Live

The BD+ Technologies, LLC is now issuing specifications for use by movie studios to begin using the BD Plus (BD+) content protection system. Essentially, BD+ is now ready for studio use on new releases. BD+ is a very fluid content protection system which allows many levels of protection from piracy, ensuring that studio content isn't copied for financial gain.

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Rims4232d ago

Another nail in the coffin for HD-DVD. Oh well.

Firewire4232d ago

there was no war!
the day the PS3 came out, HD-DVD officially died!

Vojkan4232d ago

Funboy or not there is no reason for some folks to hate BR format. Its big plus for industry, so there is no reason to try and bash it.

Bathyj4232d ago

If the studios want to end this war, just start releasing a heap of movies. I'm dying for more BR titles to come out here.


Protecting your investment just got that much harder. The people that buy movies, buy movies, and those that copy only, will only copy. Those people who copy only are not going to all of a sudden start buying the Movies when they are used to getting it for free or for the price of a rental. These protections only hurt the people that invest their hard earned money, and want to protect their investment. Protections will always be broken but the standard thats being pushed on the paying consumer just got much more expensive for everyone. It also pushes and makes mandatory the purchase of compliant HDMI televisions in order to view the films in True HD. This is my opinion, but it seems others are excited to be boxed in a corner like sheep, makes you wonder if those in question have been hypnotized some how through subliminal messaging. Perhaps hidden messages in the games they play, I dunno but it's getting scary to say the least!

Snake_Doctor4232d ago

@ Irish
I see what you're saying but of all the DVDs I have ever owned I have never had to replace one. Granted I don't have kids but I doubt backups will be a big deal to a lot of people. I think HDDVD will look into new protection controls because all the major producers will view it negatively if piracy cannot be controlled 'why invest time into producing on a format that has weak control of our property'


..that love DVD's as much as Dad does. At least 100 of the DVD's on their shelf are Disney store bought. They have broken a few so I only let them use back ups.

This format war has been tough on me as I adopted HD-DVD for it's lush features and dual format and great selection of classics, but alas Disney is hurting it's sales by alienating me.

The dual format allows me to make one investment that plays in all of my players and portables. Most of my staple favorites Movies are on HD-DVD like *Dune, *The Thing, *Excalibur, *Matrix, *The Road Warrior, *Christmas Story, *The Jerk, *Casablanca, *Bullet, *Breakfast Club, *The Sting, and so on, and so on.

Not one of my classic favorites is on Blu-ray only. Can't wait for the Classic Horror films from Universal to be released. :)

Based on the Blockbuster Interview they are saying that this summer is about Blu-ray in store rentals because of all the PS3 gamers renting Blu-ray movies sighting a lack of games to play.

Kutaragi called it himself by saying the PS3s would sell without games.

It seems Sony is doing this to push Blu-ray, seems pretty arrogant to me to use your fan base in such a way. Whats even scarier is that these people seem to have blinders on when it comes to this issue, as if subliminal messaging is hypnotizing the masses or something.

Blu-ray has 10 more gigs of space thats it, thats all it has going for it. It doesn't even use the mandatory standards that HD-DVD uses for consumer benefit.

BitbyDeath4232d ago

While you are right Irish, especially with the kids factor. I believe this is still better in the long run. It's kinda like having a firewall on your computer. They may get annoying at times especially when trying to network and it continually blocks you but it's still better than having no firewall right?

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