Recent Manhunt troubles will cost Take-Two Interactive

With Manhunt 2 facing an Adults Only rating in US shores (ESRB had reportedly given Manhunt 2 an AO rating already) and getting banned in the UK, retail sales are sure to suffer quite a blow on the head.

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MK_Red4235d ago

There is a 4th option. They can release 2 versions of the game:
1.Cut (Rated M)
2.Uncut (Director's Cut rated AO)

JsonHenry4235d ago

I dont think it will hurt them that bad. Adults usually buy for their kids anyway, regardless of the ratings. And those kids that are not 18 yet and using their own money have friends that are 18 that will purchase it for them.

PS360WII4235d ago

Well it's also in their favor because controversy always bring in sales.

On a topic not about the post I just have to say that pic is hilarious

BIadestarX4235d ago

I now that take-two like to show as much guts and limbs as they can in their games.. and their obsession for blood has no limits... but they may want to try uhhh... lay low a bit when it comes to that and reduce their gutness level... at least until things cool off... they do need to make money... you know.

Firewire4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

I can't believe I actually agree with you on this.
Take Two has to focus on making games that everyone will want to play, and focus on getting them to every market. Forget the blood & gore, the controversy and that rebel image! Just make games, thats whats its about!

ItsDubC: No Nintendo doesn't do that, they just re-hash old games over & over! It never stops, almost every game on the Wii, has been on another system.

ItsDubC4235d ago

"Take Two has to focus on making games that everyone will want to play"

This is what Nintendo does, and yet you troll Nintendo news stories all the time. Don't be a hypocrite.

emptiness4235d ago

that pic is indeed hilarious...

BubblesDAVERAGE4235d ago

Wats wron with you people..ou dont want to kill any more wats america comming two....I WANA KILL

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