Stranglehold 360 collector's edition less collectable than PS3

Midway may have aready announced an "exclusive" PS3 Collector's Edition for Stranglehold, but Xbox 360 is still getting its own special edition of the game. So how does releasing a collector's edition for 360 make the PS3 exclusive? Well, missing from the Xbox 360's bonus disc "jam-packed with extras" is the 1992 John Woo film Hard Boiled. This is going to be released on the same Blu-Ray disc as the PS3 game if you buy that version.

Xbox 360's slightly undercooked (not hard boiled) features list is after the break.

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PS360WII4191d ago

So it won't have the movie. That's fine 360 still gets the game though right

genix134191d ago

however I think this a perfect example of how BR can be used for extras in games and the like. Wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing more bundles like this in the future.

BIadestarX4191d ago

ohh wow... I think every xbox 360 owner should be depressed by now. WHY! ohhhh why! we are not getting the "jam-packed with extras" is the 1992 John Woo film Hard Boiled".... this is the most anticipated game of the decade!... seriously.... keep it.

BBsin4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

hmmm..... seems like you are getiing very defensive over this news. the bottom line is that the ps3 collectors edition of stranglehold is better than the 360's version. you don't have to downplay that fact with a "oHHH I don't care I'm not going to get this game anyways!, who cares no one wants this game" reply. but that's typically what fanboys do, and I know you do that for just about every topic that has to do with the PS3. you should just see this topic for what it is, ( the CE stranglehold is better on the PS3 than 360) and leave it at that. You don't have to share your fanboy "keep it" statement to defend microsoft, because either way ,360 fanboys like yourself are not the ones that are being offered the better CE in the first place.

Why o why4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

you know us ps3 guys like things for FREE. its the same price just take the article for what it is. The game looks like a max payne ripoff to me but the blu ray has given the ps3, on this occasion, an unfair advantage to the ps version to somebody who has both systems who might consider getting it (grammer)

AuburnTiger4191d ago

To say that this game is a rip off of Max payne is like saying Gears of Wars is a rip off of Killswitch.

Rims4191d ago

Good to be a PS3 owner. 8)

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The story is too old to be commented.