Review - Colin McRae DiRT

Following on from last week's UK release of Forza Motorsport 2, today sees the launch of an equally anticipated racer, Colin McRae DiRT. But does Colin race straight into pole position or is he left trailing behind in the DiRT...

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beast4142d ago

They game online part 9/10 ..enough said

Blood_Spiller4142d ago

When I read reviews normally I read the conclusion first. I stopped reading when I got to this part: "to go out on a limb and say it’s the best rally game ever made wouldn’t be too far from the truth."
I've played the game and it never gives you the feeling that you're driving on dirt, your car controls the same way whether you're on dirt or asphalt. Even with my wheel I cannot get the car to successfully slide around corners which is a key thing to anyone who knows anything about rallying. This game cannot even come close to my all-time favorite Richard Burns Rally.
That's just my 2 cents, take it as you will.

GrahamDJ4142d ago

I concur. Also, I didn't even think it was as good as Rallisport Challenge 2, and that wasn't even "the greatest rally game in the history of God's universe and al mankind." That review was awful - something that the guy will probably regret when he spends more time with the game.

WafflesID4142d ago

Dirt is A LOT better without the wheel actually.

Sad thing too. Its absolutely horrible with the 360 racing wheel (IMO of course) but I actually enjoyed it when I switched to gamepad. Its much better.

I've noticed that with any twitchy control racers. Forza and PGR are brilliant with the wheel. Dirt...not so much.

felidae4142d ago

this guy must be on crack or something.

i own Dirt and Motorstorm and Dirt looks totally boring compared to Motorstorm. Dirt is a good game but Motorstorm looks and plays wayyy better ... sorry.

GrahamDJ4142d ago

He should have focused on the features DiRT has over Motorstorm, but he didn' he looked dumb.

ITR4142d ago

Yep that explains why I explode on my motocycle trying to go over a rock at maybe 2-5mph.

PS360PCROCKS4142d ago

THANK YOU! Someone to agree with god I gave up on that stupid game (Motorstorm) because I would tap something and blow up and it was just damn annoying.

dassie124142d ago

gameplay should be of the greatest importance so how is it that it got 9/10 when he states that it is too arcady?

WafflesID4142d ago


Well Gears had underground monsters in it, so its not realistic. Guess we have to dock points from it.

A racer doesn't have to be a SIMULATOR to be fun. Just because the game leans slightly towards "arcade" doesn't mean the gameplay isn't 9/10.

PS360PCROCKS4142d ago

And to everyone...this is an OPINION your able to disagree but to knock this guys intelligence or any number of other things is just plain lame. Everyone is different, I would give this game a 9 too, because what's fun to me might not necessarily be fun to you...this is not a bad game.

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The story is too old to be commented.