New Turok Screenshots

Turok is an epic, story-driven first-person shooter set on a dark, mysterious planet in the near future. Players take on the role of Joseph Turok, a former Black Ops commando, now part of an elite Special Forces squad on a mission to take down a war criminal on a genetically-altered planet.

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pRo loGic II5789d ago

This will be one of the top 10 coolest games this gen.

JPomper5789d ago

This game is going to rock so hard. I have fond memories of the first two Turoks.

Cyclonus5789d ago

And that T-Rex is right out of Jurrasic Park.

New Turok = comeback of the century.


this is gonna be one hell of a game, cant wait to play it

Gamer135789d ago

Well ive played this on my ps2 and it was a very good game, so this next gen turok should be a blast.