IGN previews Battlefield: Bad Company with a batch of new screens

The Battlefield franchise is nearly synonymous with multiplayer gaming. It's a series that has always strived to create the ultimate multiplayer shooter sandbox. So much so, in fact, that the single player experience has been relegated to the sidelines. That will change with Battlefield: Bad Company. The multiplayer sandbox style of gaming will still exist, but development studio DICE is creating a fully fledged single player, story driven game to complement it.

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power of Green 4138d ago

Looks good although that PS3-ish haze to it can go, oh-well.

MK_Red4138d ago

Their engine seems awesome. This game could be a real killer. Nice preview and good game. Cant wait.

tony4138d ago

some of the screenshots looks good , some look not that great, but is not a finished game yet. a video of the gameplay would be nice to make a better judgement.

tudors4138d ago

I may even go out and buy modern combat again until things pick up a bit; lots of good games out there but we need the AAA titles to come around, guranteed the new battlefield will rock.

tudors4138d ago

Is that a destructable tree I see ala Crysis.