Free Content For Chromehounds

There is now a patch of free content available for download on XBL.

Light arms 02
Heavy arms 01
Assist parts 01
Color 2

It is not available in Mexico however.

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JPomper6166d ago

You see this, developers? FREE content after purchashing your game. Good job, Sega.

joemutt6166d ago

Single player is horrible!!!

I dont know what my mission objectives are, you have to listen to the guy at the beginning of the mission very close, there is nothing that tells you what to do after that, the interface is horrible.

I never even built my own hound, I dont know what all that stuff means, it took me 30 minutes of trying to put one together, and it was overloded or something.

Game is utter crap! I was soooo looking forward to this one, and sold it 3 days later.

And no dont tell me about multiplayer, if I cant build my own hound then multiplayer is no good. I want a solid single player experience first, then I take it online.

What are the freaking mission objectives???
You really need a walkthrough for everything in this game.

And when you die, the "Retry Mission" is by default on "NO" so while I am impatiently hitting "A" all of a sudden I am back at the mission screen, and have to load the whole game over.

To be in development so long, all I can say is the developers wasted alot of time.

I am finished venting now, I feel much better now.

JPomper6164d ago

You're complaining because you suck at the game? Everything you listed was a result of you having no idea what you're doing or from you just being impatient.

Excuse me while I don't cry for you.

Dazzboi3606166d ago

Hey i've got this game and i was wondering if there is any way i can add more guns without it over-loading? :(

Zaskark56166d ago

you can add more weopons by adding a generator to your mech.

Schmitty076166d ago

I Dl'd this stuff even though I don't have the game...

darkscion06161d ago

with you, if you can't figure out how to build a hound or follow instructions in game. Yes the single player is not as much playtime as many other games, but this game is meant to be played ONLINE.

You should have no problems building a hound if you even so much as read the manual that came with the game. As for mission objectives, just pay attention to the launch screen for that mission and most of the time you get instructions while on the mission. I'm sorry that the game doesn't hold your hand through them all. Something to be said about being given a task and having to figure out the best way to accomplish it.