Tekken 6 Video Gameplay

Here is new video of Tekken 6(Arcade), which was taken during a "private show" by Bandai Namco.

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gaffyh4191d ago

Cheers for this, its awesome, lthough framerate is a litle slow

Why o why4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

gettin pumped

Bhai4191d ago

This video above is just stunning and came out of the blue, man I
didn't thought that Namco-Bandai is going this much ahead as to put in
multi-tiered stages in their game. Feature-wise, Tekken 6 has finally
achieved a head-mark from both other Japanese Fighting Titles:

+ Good multi-tiered stages.
- worthless physics i.e. only cloth dynamics and very buggy at that,
the hair are like straps of ribbons while whole dresses and limbs of
characters have clipping issues, they pass through each other.
-No water physics, just a flat animated texture. No snow deformation
neither floor and walls destruction.

+ Unbreakable clipping technology. No hair, limb or cloth gets into the
fighter's bodies, they totally slide over each other. Also the
fighters' bodies get wet in water.
+ Remarkable physics...from deforming snow to simulated water to
shiftable sand...perfect cloth and hair dynamics, you name it !
+ Fully destructible floorrs in some stages and dynamically changing
- Really wish it had multi-tiered and extendible environments.

This above new trailer and new pictures show great
appears that right now Tekken6 surpasses both the above games in
features, it has:
+ Deformable snow, simulated water(jungle stage)
+ Fully destrictible floors and walls of environments.
+ Stunningly dynamic times of day(a fight starts at night and the day
carries on, its morning, afternoon, evening and again night with
shadows shifting !!!)
+ DOA and MK like multi-tiered stages (hell yeah, I was thrilled at
that, didn't expect it)
+ Inclusion of some sort of MK style projectiles.
+ Very, very deep character customization(far beyond just traditional
extra costumes)
+ 40 characters(wow, 2nd only to MK:Armageddon's 60 fighters)
+ Tweaked and new gameplay...

----------------------------- ------------------------------- -----------

My bet is that Tekken 6 will be the fighting game of the year if it
releases this year and that it will remain exclusive to PS3 as it
certainly has CGs, around 40 fighters and specifically more physics
stuff. Lets see how strong my bet fares !!!

uHuRu4191d ago

Best 2D Fighter: Street Fighter

Best 3D Fighter: Tekken

MK_Red4191d ago

I totally disagree.
Best 2D fighter: Mortal Kombat 2
Best 3D fighter: Virtua Fighter / Soul Calibur

kingboy4191d ago

Best 2D fighter:Killer Instincts, Mortal Kombat 2
Best 3D fighter:Virtual fighter ,Tekken

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