CSM: Simplz: Zoo Review

CSM writes: "A downloadable game for Windows PCs and Macs, Simplz: Zoo puts players in the shoes of a young zoo director who inherits a facility with just one lonely exhibit. A letter from the previous owner explains that he hopes we will be able to achieve his goal of turning it into the world's top wildlife menagerie. To do that, players have to engage in a match-three puzzle game that requires them to group tiles on a grid in sets of three or more. Matching food tiles results in food for the animals, matching helmet tiles keeps our zoo staffed, and matching resource tiles ensures we have the materials necessary to build new attractions. After each puzzle, we head back to the zoo and spend the money we've earned, research new exhibits, and watch as patrons slowly begin to fill the paths, walking from one cage to the next while talking about what they like or would like to see next."

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