EA shows European Wii launch date is November 3

In EA's latest European street date planning they currently list "Need For Speed: Carbon" (Nintendo Wii version) for November 3 2006. At the very least a good date for a global launch, but more likely this could mean an October launch for America and Japan. Nintendo has said before it was their intention to have the Wii out before the PS3 (which launches November 11th & 17th). This street date makes more sense than previous guesses, because Nintendo consoles always get launched on a Friday in Europe, and the 3rd of November is a Friday.

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DixieNormS6157d ago

I guess I will be getting GOW and FOrza 2 on the 2nd and the Wii on the 3rd. Excellent.

wakkiwakko6157d ago

It doesn't mean the system is coming out on the 3rd. I'm guessing it's coming sooner. Mid October. 3rd is too close the ps3 release date. Wii will get buried under the upcoming adverts & hype that will come with the ps3.

Mid October the latest, end of September or even mid September the earliest.

Nov, 3rd is just the release date of the game. So, by that time the console should already be out. :D


wakkiwakko thats most likely right and i believe that

Gamer136157d ago (Edited 6157d ago )

ill be getting a wii + a ps3 at launch, i already got a 360.

joemutt6156d ago

So he thinks it will launch on a friday, and this date just happens to be a Friday, so he thinks thats it.

What would be cool, is if Nintendo announced that the Wii is on store shelves now!! Not right now, but later on. If they secretly shipped the Wii and retailers put them on shelves that night. How suprised would you be to walk in the store and "Holy $hit" theres a Wii!!

The secret would be leaked, but a suprise launch could only happen with a game, not a console. It would be cool though.