When Will Video Game Bad Guys Start Fearing Death?

Death is a very dire subject matter, of course. But it happens so often in video games as a result of "self defense", priority or recklessness, that it's something many gamers look at with a blind eye. But this topic is not so much about enemies that can drop dead at the pull of a trigger (within a game), but it's all about how these events transpire and what lengths an enemy will travel to prevent the inevitable.

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Lyberator4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Interesting view on things. My theory is that it would be too much for the programmers and would take to long but I'm no dev.

cyguration4137d ago

But it looks like, for now, devs are working harder at giving bad guys facials and soft shadows, rather than thinking power.

Lyberator4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

Screen shots do sell games. Plus I think another reason might be dev's are afraid of taking chances. I mean to do what their talking about would completely change the way people play games. But anything is possible I guess.

HandShandy4137d ago

Brilliant Story submission - bubble for you.

Was a very good read, AI is very important in alot of games and I think we play far too many Alien shooters to really see the importance of it.

Still to this day, the Game with the Best AI, was the original Half Life... enemies had a great element of fear in that. I was suprised it wasn't mentioned.

cyguration4137d ago

That game did have a wicked AI. Geist tried to imitate it, but failed miserably.

MK_Red4137d ago

Good article, most game enemies are like suicide bombers from Serious Sam.

fjtorres4137d ago

Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.
NPCs and Villains had Fear and could Panic. It was not uncommon to see opponents drp their weapons and run for their lives in a total blind panic under a variety of conditions. The easiest to achieve is through invisible attacks. Just as in Oblivion, Invisibility in Morrowind ends when you manipulate an object or attack somebody. Unlike Oblivion, you can have a constant effect invisibility enchantment on an object and you can have a low level constant effect flight effect that amounts to walking on air. Combined, the allow you to attack an opponent undetected from behind. If you are fast enough you can attack from the rear and renew invisibility faster than the NPC can turn around so you can repeatedlt attack and the target sees nothing. Faced with unexplainable damage, the NPC panics and drops all weapons and runs screaming all out, alerting everybody else in the location.
A second way to induce panic is to quickly lower the target's health to near zero without killing them. Very hard to do but if successful the antagonist panics.
Oblivion dropped this behavior model because while clever and realistic, it got in the way of completing missions.
What I'd like to see is an RPG where you can bribe *any* would-be opponent not just the odd guard or Merc.

ReconHope4137d ago

not caring 4 their lives but human ai needs to change definetely.

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