Wii Holiday Sales Surge Helps Nintendo Beat Expectations

Today Nintendo reported financial results for the first three fiscal quarters for its fiscal year ending March 31. The company reported a strong finish to the year, with "robust" holiday sales of Wii, allowing the Big N to beat analysts expectations.

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IanCube4260d ago

Did anyone really think Nintendo, or any company for that matter, could match or beat what they did in 2008?

indiemike4260d ago

It could be possible, since they have so many big first-party titles coming out this year.

IanCube4260d ago

True, but just goes to show you how much Ninty has to do NOW to have a year similar to 2008. They have to release ALL 3 of their biggest IP's.


indiemike4260d ago

True. I still think that even with massive success, it would be smart of them to jump ahead on their next home console. Otherwise they could risk falling behind in a really big way.

I mean they aren't struggling, but the Wii is already outdated hardware. Their best bet is announcing something big before Natal releases.

4260d ago